Free Iran: MOIS’s foiled terror plot

Free Iran

Free Iran: MOIS’s foiled terror plot


June 30 , 2018:

A  Belgian-Iranian couple arrested in Brussels on route to Paris With 500 grams of a strong explosive known as TATP and a detonator hid in a makeup bag .


Free Iran grand gathering in support of National council of Resistance of Iran and its president-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, in villepinte, Paris, attended by a reported 100,000 people.

The bombers identified as Amir Sadouni and Nasim Naami who were a sleeper cell of the Iranian ministry of inteiiigence and Security.

July 1: Based on a European arrest warrant, Assabollah Assadi, a Vienna based Iraian diplomat was arrested in Germany while travelling back to Austria.

July 6: A Belgian judicial spokesman told NBC News “Practically all employees of Iranian embassies are part of  the Iranian Secret Service.”

July 10: us secretary of state, Mike Pompeo while citing the foiled Paris plot said the Iranian regime uses its embassies to plot terrorist attacks in Europe.

July 11: The German Federal Prosecutor announced that it had opened an investigation on Assadi. It announced Assadi, the MOIS Vienna station chief had commissioned the couple to carry out the explosive assault and had personally handed over the explosives to the terrorists in Luxemburg.

July 12: The Washington Times reported that the National Council of Resistance of Iran quoted its intelligence sources inside the country as saying  that Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and President Hassan Rouhani approved the plan.

July22: Secretary Pompeo said: “Just earlier this month an Iranian “diplomat” based in Vienna was arrested and charged with supplying for a terrorist bomb scheduled to bomb a political rally in France.”

The Iranian diaspora has been staging protests in various European capitals calling for the extradition of Assadi to Belgium to be put on trial.

The Iranian resistance has demanded the closure of Iranian embassies and the expulsion of MOIS and Quds Force agents from Europe.


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