PMOI network Inside Iran carried out activities to show their support for the PMOI/MEK

Despite the Iranian regime’s efforts to quell protests and intimidate protesters and discourage them from taking to the streets to voice their demands for freedom and democracy, the brave people Iran continue to defy the regime. In recent days, PMOI network Inside Iran in different cities carried out activities to show their support for the PMOI/MEK and their continued opposition to the Iranian regime in its entirety.

In Qazvin, one member of a rebellious unit named after MEK martyr Zohreh Ghaemi holds a poster of the recent message by resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and reiterates their resolution to keep the fire of the uprising that started in December alive.

The members of a rebellious unit from Saqqez, Kurdistan, have sent a video of themselves writing “Death to Khamenei” slogans on the wall.

PMOI network Inside Iran: Saqqez, Kurdistan

In Tehran, members of PMOI network Inside Iran hold up papers which reads: “The key to prosperity is death to the rule of the clergy and long live the National Liberation Army.” One of the members of the unit says, “The Iranian regime said hundreds of times that the Mojahedin have been destroyed, but today we are proud that when we said ‘death to fundamentalism’ we stood by our words. We will stay true until the last breath and the last drop of our blood, and as we said, we will overthrow this regime. Long live Massoud and Maryam Rajvi. Long live the Mojahedin.”

PMOI network Inside Iran: Tehran

In Rasht, rebellious unit 825 has produced a video of its activities writing slogans on walls. Their slogans include “Death to Khamenei, long live Rajavi.”

PMOI network Inside Iran: Rasht

In another video, another member of this unit says the people of Iran are eager to see the PMOI/MEK return to their homeland.

Another unit from Rasht has posted a video of gear they have obtained from the repressive forces of the Iranian regime. “Khamenei you brutal dictator…,” the members of the unit say.

PMOI network Inside Iran: Karaj

In Karaj, where some of the most furious protests took place last week, a rebellious unit has filmed the nightly writing of slogans on walls. “Death to Khamenei,” one of the members of the unit says.

PMOI network Inside Iran: Masjed Soleyman, Khuzestan

In Masjed Soleyman, Khuzestan, rebellious units have filmed their activities in writing slogans on the walls of the city.

PMOI network Inside Iran: Ghazvin

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