Khamenei’s Impasse, People’s Uprising, dire Economic condition and hopeless Nuclear Deal

Khamenei’s Impasse, People’s Uprising, dire Economic condition and hopeless Nuclear Deal

On Monday August 13, Ali Khamenei, supreme leader, showed for the first time following the recent wave of turmoil to talk about regime’s most significant disasters, including the protests, a deadly economic crisis driven by Rial’s free fall, failure of the 2015 nuclear deal and likely talks with the United States.

Khamenei’s stance on popular protests

Considering the recent unrests as the extension of January uprising, Khamenei once again attributed people’s uprisings to the United States, Israel and Saudis.

Khamenei admits: the nuclear deal was wrong

While rebuffing any future negotiations with the United States, Khamenei openly stated for the first time that getting involved in the nuclear deal talks was wrong.

Khamenei confesses regime’s panic stating, “There are a bunch of cowards among us”

Pointing to the likelihood of a war and talks with the United States, Khamenei said “there’ll be no war and we will not negotiate, either.”

“They’re inflating the ghost of war to scare the nation or cowards. After all, there are a bunch of cowards among us.”

Accepting the country’s fatal economic disaster

While Khamenei-affiliated entities have raised an enormous wealth through gaining total control of the country’s national resources and are themselves the main cause of corruption and ruin of Iran’s economy, he absurdly tried to blame regime’s governments and officials for economic problems while claiming that he’s the one who’s fighting corruption.

Regime’s deceitful assertion to fight against corruption

Khamenei’s remarks on fight against corruption are in line with the same show which started with the arrest of some small-time currency dealers at the time of currency crisis driven by a sharp drop in the price of Rial compare to US dollar.

Is it because of enemies’ plots or officials’ wrong policies?

The cause why Khamenei does not point to sanctions and foreign pressures in his recent speech – contrary to his previous ones — is first because Rouhani’s recent performance is so awful that Khamenei would have ridiculed himself if he tried to deny it.

Secondly, if Khamenei had said that the sanctions were the main cause of the current crisis, then Rouhani’s circle would immediately suggest starting negotiations with the United States to resolve problems.

The third reason, is that if Khamenei had highlighted the sanctions as the main cause of the economic crisis, then it will totally demoralize regime’s forces.

Meanwhile, Khamenei worries that any change in present condition could speed up a social eruption.

Khamenei’s comments disclose regime’s stalemate

After a longtime silence, the speech carried by the supreme leader on August 13 revealed that he’s entirely unable of coming up with a way out of the fatal impasse that has overwhelmed his regime.

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