Free Iran:The activities of the rebellion units inside Iran-1

Free Iran :The activities of the rebellion units inside Iran-1

The activities of the rebellion units inside Iran and carrying the message of Mr. Massoud Rajavi to stand against the oppression of people by the Mullahs’ tyranny regime

Nakhl square, Ahvaz, August 6, 2018, Malek Shara-ee rebellion unit No. 313

Here is Nakhl square, Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, we are near New Site County. I am a friend of the martyr Malek Shara-ee, and a member of rebellion unit No. 313

Fight fire with fire! Dictator burn! Dictator burn! Fight fire with fire!

2018-The clerical regime has repeated hundreds of times that the PMOI disappeared. But we are proud today because when we said “Death to the backward regime” we stood firm and we will resist to the last drop of our blood and to our last breath, as we said before ‘Overthrow’ we repeat ‘Overthrow’.

Hail to Massoud and Maryam Rajavi,

Hail to PMOI,

Hail to National Liberation Army of Iran, the powerful arm of the Iranian people!

Brother Massoud, we are your troops,


Ready, ready, ready!

The key-word of national salvation; Death to the principle of Velayat-e faqih, long live National Liberation Army of Iran!


Punch for punch, attack for attack, fight fire with fire!

Massoud Rajavi’s command

August 2018


Massoud Rajavi: Uprising until regime change

August 2018,

Masjed Soleyman


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