Iran democratic alternative, tasked to ‘Regime change’

Iran democratic alternative, tasked with ‘Regime change’

An accurate analysis of the recent developments regarding the Iran democratic alternative and the popular protests, demonstrates convincingly that a socio-political event is underway. In order to have a clear view of the situation, some basic subjects should be put under scrutiny,

  1. The situation of the clerical regime,
  2. The extent of the popular uprisings,
  3. The Iran democratic alternative status.
  1. The situation of the clerical regime,

A.Decline in Khamenei’s charisma among regime factions,

Given the limitless power of the Supreme Leader ratified by the constitution of this regime and the status quo of powerlessness of Khamenei to exercise the hegemony on individuals and factions in his regime, proves the aforementioned fact.

Saeed Ghasemi, the head of Khamenei’s Plainclothes loyal forces, explicitly stated in a speech for paramilitary Basij forces, that nobody takes the orders of Khamenei seriously.

The Supreme Leader has been so discredited in this system that he is incapable to even put an end to the infighting among the regime’s factions.

      B.The deepening rifts on top of the regime,

The rifts in the clerical regime are due to the ambition of gaining a bigger share of power and wealth. At the time of the uprisings, contrary to the need of regime for unity, the infighting intensified even more than before.

Following the US re-imposed sanctions and emerging the issue of renegotiation with the “Great Satan”, a new round of internal strife started, which reduced the power of the regime to tackle the crises, in particular, the sharp rising in price of the US dollar and gold in the market, which heralded the collapse of economy.

C. Increasing the regional and international conflicts with the Iran regime

Contrary to the era of appeasement policy, during which the Mullahs were boasting of hegemony over four Arab Capitals, now they are in unceasing withdrawal from their positions.

This retreat is due to the disclosure of the regime’s secret nuclear plans and terror plots by Iran’s democratic alternative. The following components are more instructive:

Firstly, the failure of the nuclear deal signed during the Obama tenure,

Secondly, the reimposing of the US economic sanctions,

Thirdly, the withdrawal of many companies and economic institutions from Iran,

Fourthly, the decrease in the might of the Iranian/’s regime in Syria and the revelation of its devastating role in the Yemeni affairs,

Fifthly, increasing tensions with the United States and the regional countries following the regime’s official threat to close the Strait of Hormuz and Bab-Al-Mandab.


  1. The extent of the popular uprising

A.The discontent people are in an explosive state

The desperate Iranians with their uprisings have aimed at toppling the integrity of this regime. The state-run media after months of silence, are reluctantly covering the uprisings and the slogans chanted, such as “The mullahs must get lost.”

B.Features of the uprising in August

After the onset and extension of the protests to different cities and especially in Tehran in one day, the following features can be clearly identified:

Firstly, the uprisings took place nationwide and were not limited to a specific province.

Secondly, the protests were accompanied with strikes, particularly the nationwide truckers’ strikes.

Thirdly, people in their slogans got Khamenei in the crosshairs.

Fourthly, the risen people clashed with the repressive forces.

Fifthly, women were present in the front lines of the protests.

Sixthly, the generation who basically is born and grown in this regime had a strong presence in the protests.

  1. The Iran democratic alternative status,

A.Competency of the Iran democratic alternative for running the overthrow task,

The National Council of Resistance and its axial force, the PMOI, has been increasingly growing in its credibility. The facts supporting the claim can be summarized as follows:

Firstly, the successful departure of the Iranian resistance cadres from Iraq, where they were under continual fatal attacks by the Iraqi forces at the behest of the Iran regime.

Secondly, Development of an active linkage between the PMOI’s network inside Iran and the youths via the resistance center.

And thirdly, the successful holding of the annual Iranian convention in Paris, highlighting the role of the Iran’s democratic alternative in the domestic and international developments.

B.Uprisings in the streets meet the competent leadership

When the subject is regime change, obviously a qualified force is needed to take the leadership position.

For many years the Iran regime has tried to divert the legitimate demands of the Iranian people for freedom and justice by the shows of the so-called moderate faction.

With the onset of the last December uprising and its continuation, it has become clear that the regime’s alternative creator apparatus, which acted as a safety valve to prevent the explosion of the popular anger, is no longer functional.

Chanting the popular slogan “Reformist, hardliner, the game is over,” puts an end to the deceiving shows of all the factions within the ruling regime. The events proved that the regime is teetering on the brink of overthrow. The resistance units are the means that will lead the uprisings toward ‘regime change’.

As Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president elect of the NCRI, has stated, “Protesters will not rest until the Iranian people and the nation are free. Rebellious cities are joining ranks one after the other.”

The risen people and the Iran democratic alternative are going to bring about into reality the dreams of justice and freedom.



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