Truck drivers protesting in different cities of Iran

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Truck drivers protesting in different cities of Iran

Truck drivers across various cities throughout Iran are on strike, protesting low wages and skyrocketing prices of spare parts. This is yet another round of such protests in Iran and has always delivered crushing blows to the mullahs’ apparatus.

On Saturday3, in the city of Shapour near Isfahan continued their strike for the third day in loading station of the city and many other drivers joined the strike.

In the city of Shapour near Isfahan, The truck drivers continued their strike for the 3rd day on Saturday Sep 3 at the loading station of the city, and many other drivers joined the strike.

The anti-riot police swiftly attacked the truck drivers on strike at Isfahan’s refinery, beat them, arrested some and took some away.

 Drivers of fuel tankers of Isfahan continued their strike for the third day and protested low wages and skyrocketing prices of spare parts, and refused to transfer fuel.

In order to control the strike, the Iranian regime’s officials brought in governmental tankers to transfer the fuel but the protesters resisted and punctured the wheel tires of those tankers.

In Zarrinshahr a protest rally was held by the truckers who parked their vehicles at the loading station

Truck drivers at loading station in the city of Shapour near Isfahan went on strike and held a rally after parking their vehicles. These drivers are protesting against low wages and surging prices of spare parts.

State Mafia Swindling Iranian TruckDrivers

Strike in Zanjan loading station

Despite the interference of the regime’s plainclothes, the truckers staged a strike at the loading station in city of Zanjan

Truck drivers in the western city of Sar-pol-Zahab went on strike and parked their vehicles protesting low wages and the regime officials’ refusal to solve their problems.

 Long queues at gas stations in Sistan & Baluchistan Province, southeast Iran

Following the truck drivers’ strike and a severe shortage of fuel in various parts of Sistan &Baluchistan Province in southeast Iran, forming long ques at gas stations in throughout the city of Saravan.

After the oil, the networks of trucks are the most important vein of the country and their strike will cripple the regime.

 10,000 truck drivers on strike to protest increase in heavy taxes and corruption in Transportation Organization

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