The MEK ’s ‘Great exodus’ from Iraq, the source of strategic development

The MEK ’s ‘Great exodus’ from Iraq, the source of strategic development


The first week of September recalls several important events in the history of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the main Iranian opposition group; the foundation of the organization, the election of the organization’s Secretary-General, and the departure of the last remaining groups of the MEK members from Camp Liberty in Iraq to Albania

But what has attracted the most domestic and international attention in the recent years is the relocation of the last group of the MEK members from Iraq to Albania, which is referred to as the “Great exodus”, and has been the source of significant developments in the political, social and strategic arenas of Iran which is now under the rule of the clerical regime.

 On September 10, 2016, the media reported that the last group of the MEK arrived in Albania from Iraq.

The National Liberation Army of Iran had successfully managed to transfer all its cadres and fighters who were surrounded by the Quds terrorist forces and its affiliated Iraqi mercenaries, in the course of a complicated operation via Baghdad international airport to Albania. The relocation operation, in addition to its strategic and political impacts, was considered a well-planned, tactical masterpiece being precisely calculated and time-tabled.

The “Great exodus” took place at a time when the Iraqi mercenaries of the Quds Force were preparing to launch another heavy missile barrage against the unarmed and defenseless residents of Camp Liberty, intending to take inflict massive casualties on them.

Camp Liberty, a prison designed to destroy the MEK or force it into submission

A glimpse at the measures taken by the former Iraqi puppet government of Nouri al-Maliki against the MEK shows that the goal of designing Camp Liberty was to destroy or cripple Iran’s resistance.

The relocation of MEK to Albania – Missile attack at Camp Liberty on the behest of Iran’s Mullahs, Oct. 29, 2015











The relocation of MEK to Albania – the remnant of the missile attack at Camp Liberty, Oct. 29, 2015











The relocation of MEK to Albania – An image of flimsy and vulnerable trailers at the Liberty prison

Khamenei and his Iraqi and international supporters were satisfied with nothing less than the destruction of the MEK or the repentance of its members. There was no third option. They wanted to wipe out the MEK at the prison-like Camp Liberty by missiles or if necessary by ground assaults, or force the residents towards betrayal by intimidating them.

During a well-organized, great and historic relocation, which is considered a victorious turning point in the 52-year history of the organization, the MEK broke the hostile siege, maintaining its organization’s integrity intact. The successful relocation has changed the position of Iran’s resistance from a defensive stance to an aggressive one and has paved the way for preparing for the final steps to free Iran from dictatorship.

The “Great exodus”: A displacement from the focal point of danger to fulfill the strategy of “A thousand Ashrafs” and the “Resistance units”

When we speak of the resistance units, this means that the regime has reached to its final days. The resistance units are the Liberation Army’s units that are scattered throughout Iran. We are at the phase of regime change and there are protests and uprisings in various cities every day. The question is what the role of the resistance units is in all these.

The role of the resistance units is to encourage, organize, and direct the uprisings. They lead the uprisings and push them forward.

The fact is that there is an organized resistance, the Liberation Army of Iran and its resistance units guarantee the continuation of the uprisings and the overthrow of the clerical regime.

That’s the reason that the further we advance, the more the uprisings deepen, and get stronger, and the forces of the uprisings become tougher and more intrepid. And all these are the result of the magnificent changes in the circumstances since the transfer of the MEK members from Iraq to Albania. A change so undeniable that even the mullah regime’s authorities and leaders admit to the role of the MEK in the development and spread of the resistance units.

MEK supporters celebrating the safe relocation of all MEK members to Albania

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