Increasing general strikes in Iran/the government’s inability to bridle them

Increasing general strikes in Iran/the government’s inability to bridle them

On Monday, September 10, 2018, the ransacked people by the Caspian Institute in Mashhad staged another pre-planned gathering, reiterated for times over the last month, in front of the Pamchal Branch of this IRGC-affiliated institute under an intense repressive measures. They protested against looting of their funds and not returning back it after 2 years. The protesters chanted slogans against the corrupt clerical regime:

“Some Inadequate officials have taken the offices” ,

“Hey, oppressor fell some shame release our funds” ,

“They have robbed our money, they lie about refunding”,

“They pretend to be religious but are honor of robbery”, and “Cry death to Seif (referring to the ex-head of the Central Bank)”.

Continuation of the truck drivers’ strike and protest in Nishapur

Truck drivers protesting in different cities of Iran

Truck drivers in Nishapur continued their strike in protest over the high prices of spare parts and tires and carrying freight by train instead of trucks by the clerical regime to thwart the truckers strike. On Monday, the Drivers gathered in front of the regime’s Department of Transportation in Nishapur.

Gathering of a group of students from the Melli University in Tehran

A group of students at Iran Melli Iranian University (Beheshti) in Tehran met Monday to protest the dormitory closure and called for it to be reopened.

Workers’ gathering at Tolli Press Co. at Alvand city

Workers of the Tolli Press Co. at Alvand city, Qazvin province, gathered in front of the company on Monday to protest to denial of their demands by the regime’s agents.

The protest gathering of the youths of the city of Ashar in front of the governor’s office in Suran

On Monday, the youths of Ashshar City staged a protest rally in front of the governor’s office at the city of Souran, Sistan and Baluchestan, concurrently a meeting of the Minister of Communications at the location.

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