The missile attack on Kurds, a smokescreen to conceal Iran’s Mullahs’ weakness regarding uprisings and MEK

The missile attack on Kurds, a smokescreen to conceal Iran’s Mullahs’ weakness regarding uprisings & MEK

Iranian Grand Gathering” in France 30 June 2018

After the foiled spying operations and terrorist acts to bomb the “Iranian Grand Gathering” in France, to target the MEK, the Mullahs regime, committed another crime against the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), and the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), in the depth of the Iraqi soil on Saturday, Sep. 8.



MEKAfter the execution of three Kurd political prisoners and the missile attack on the headquarters of KDPI and KDP on Saturday, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of NCRI condemned these crimes and called on the people of Iran to rise up against the clerical regime.




Maybe you are familiar with this term: the smokescreen. During a military battle, when under siege, and as the last resort, the smokescreen becomes handy. A force tries to form a curtain of smoke between itself and its enemy for two purposes:

1-It will blind the enemy of its critical situation

2- It won’t let its own forces see the assault, lose their moral and surrender.

What does the smokescreen have to do with this article?!

This is exactly what the mullahs’ regime did on Sep. 8. How come?

Having a glance at regime’s state-run media during the last few days, you will get lost among terms such as “IRGC’s missile might”, the “Accurate missiles”, the “manifestation of IRGC’s power” or the “establishment’s intelligence knowhow and dominance” and all these propaganda roams around the criminal mullahs’’ missile attack on the Kurdish bases in Iraq.

Given the harsh international and domestic crises that have surrounded the clerical regime in Iran, it looks like that such an attack, which is a blatant breach of the international laws, is the last thing that this problem-hit regime needs. So the question is why the regime carried out such an attack?

To answer this question, one must consider the circumstances:

– The nationwide uprising that continues up to this date, since winter of 2018,

– The formation of the resistance units after the recent uprisings has afflicted the regime so much that it has admitted: “the MEK has founded formations called the ‘Resistance units’, capable of recruiting forces and having the potential to replace the leaders in the fields!” (Baharestane –Aug. 28, 2018)

-The failure of the regime’s terrorist plots against its main opposition, namely the NCRI and the MEK, and the arrest of the regime’s diplomat-terrorist and its mercenaries in Germany, Belgium, France, Albania, and the USA.

-The uprising of the Iraqi people against the regime’s meddling in their internal affairs; setting fire to the regime’s consulate and all the basis of its affiliated parties in Basra,

-The state of economic collapse,

-Severe infighting between the regime’s rival factions,

-The failure of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the restoration of the “heaviest sanctions of history”,

– The imminent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the destabilizing behaviors of Iran’s regime in the Middle East on Sep. 26.

So the regime is trapped in a dead-end.

The consequence of such a dead-end injects defect into Bassij (paramilitary forces) and the establishment’s main forces. No wonder that Khamenei said in Nowshahr city: “Do not allow the enemy to infiltrate and disperse the united fronts of the believer youths.”

Therefore, to rescue a battered regime which is on its last leg, Khamenei resorted to the smokescreen tactic. He tried to create a smokescreen by attacking the Kurdish parties in the Iraqi soil, and by hanging the Kurd political prisoners, to turn away the attention from the deadly crises that have engulfed his regime on one hand and on the other hand, he intended to inspire his frustrated repressive forces with an absurd gesture of might!

But the Iranian people with their uprising, aligned with the progress of their main opposition force; NCRI and its core organization, the MEK/PMOI, in all the arenas, do not grant the regime an opportunity to pull out of its deadlocked situation. The siege is becoming tighter around the regime, and all its maneuvers are in vain. This is just a vanishing regime, floundering.


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