Iran: Ms. Íngrid Betancourt on the 30rd anniversary of the1988 massacre of political prisoners


BetancourtBetancourIngrid: They even have footage of the Iranian diplomat who was stationed in Vienna, giving the pple the explosive material to kill us in #FreeIran2018 gathering.

30june all of us here were in FreeIran2018 gathering in #Paris European Security services revealed a plot 2place a bomb in the gathering which would blow us all up.Interesting Iran diplomat was arrested so regime can’t say they have no hand in this. Since executions carried out in secrecy, prisoners weren’t shot,that would make noise,most were hanged,with prolonged deaths,suffering for 15min or so in most cruel & inhumane methods.

We must do everything possible to condemn the people in power in Iran. This country is going through a crucial phase right now. The people want change.   Executions were carried out in mass. Hundreds executed each day. Imagine in 5months 30000pple were executed, men & women, in in Iran  In beginning of 1988 in Iran prisons, prisoners were divided, beginning in July 1988 prisoners would face commission;commission wouldn’t ask about charges but asked about their beliefs,if they renounce their affiliation 2 opposition,& were executed based on it .

This is important because we are facing prisoners who had been sentenced, serving their terms, some had finished or were about to be released who were executed in 1988Massacre30 Years after the Massacare of Political Prisoners in Iran (1988 – 2018) 1988Massacre

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