Iran: Mr.Taher Boumedra on the 30rd anniversary of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners


Mr.Taher Boumedra: we want the working group that is working on the massacres 2 move on & investigate it themselves.We want an international commission of inquiry 2 look into this massacre.The evidence is highly credible.Some speak of 120 mass grave sites. we must pay tribute to the late special rapporteur Ms. Asma Jahangir who brought the report to the United Nations with detailed reports. I have documented in my report, 70 mass graves with geographical precision. All we need to do it to invite diplomates and invite the @UN to go on the ground. They know that they [Iran regime] will never investigate and they are actually destroying the evidence.   As far as the United Nation goes, they are still asking the government of Iran to investigate. After 30 years that they have refused even the visits from the special rapporteur to Iran.  Ai has produced a report about how the Iran regime is destroying the evidence of crimes that took place in 1988, particularly the mass graves. This is documented by @jvmifoundation and AI and HumanRightsWatch1988Massacre

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