Rudy Giuliani: “I will be with you in a Free Iran much sooner than they think”

Rudy Giuliani: I will be with you in a Free Iran much sooner than mullahs think

On Saturday 22nd September, a huge crowd of Iranian-Americans took part in a gathering named “2018 Iran Uprising Summit: The Path to Freedom – the Alternative”. European and American politicians spoke at the event that was organised by the Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC). The purpose of the event was to voice support for the ongoing protests that are still happening across Iran. The speakers, including panels of young people from Iranian communities, called on the international community to show support for the people of Iran and the Resistance in their quest for regime change.

Adviser and lawyer to U.S. President Donald Trump, former mayor of New York City and long-time supporter of the Iranian Resistance Rudy Giuliani emphasised that the people of Iran are “entitled to freedom and democracy” and said that the regime’s terrorist operations are increasing against the opposition. He said: “I must say to the Iranian government, you must be truly afraid of being overthrown. We will not forget that you have murdered many, many Americans. You have taken our diplomats hostage to humiliate us. We understand who our friends are and who our enemies are. And you are our enemy.”

Following is the full text of Rudy Giuliani remarks:

Thank you very much,

Let me acknowledged Maryam Rajavi and her fine, as usual, talk and inspirational talk to us and Gen. Jones.

I hope to be able and qualify for that group in Iran, I hope I say enough offensive things now so that they’ll put me on that list to kill me. If I’m not already there, we’ll try to get there the other day. Bernard Kouchner, your honor, Giulio Terzi, my good friend, the  Great Attorney General, Judge Michael Mukasey e, Professor  Parsa and  Mr.  Shareef, all former speakers today.

It’s a great honor to speak with you, and also to remind you that there are a whole group of others, as   General Jones mentioned,   a former civilian,    military, government officials, Republican, Democrat, and independent, all different political ideas and thinking, about one hundred of us. And we agree on one thing, that Iran is entitled to freedom and democracy, that Iran should be led by leaders, like Maryam Rajavi and others. And that would be the only assurance for a peaceful Iran. The only assurance of a peaceful Iran is to have a stable, democratic, lawful, decent regime. So that we can say in general, the Iranian government, the Iranian nation, and not these group of outlaws, murderers, and people who pretend to be religious people and they have so much blood on their hands. It’s almost unthinkable when the history of this period is written, the two ayatollahs will go down as two of the worst murderous, mass murderers of the last century and this century. And they deserve to go down as that.

Maryam Rajavi

I have to begin by welcoming you to New York City.  I’ve been here nine out of the last ten years with you when we meet together to focus on the U.N. General Assembly and the meeting that’s going to take place. At the time, desecrated by the presence of Ahmadinejad and now by the equally horrible Rouhani. He will be here in a few days after he orders the murder of a few more people, I’m sure. Yet we have to allow him in, what I regard as the most beautiful and wonderful city in the world, my city New York.

I wasn’t here last year, because I had a knee operation. I am now outraged to find out that among you, last year, was a terrorist murderer who’s now been arrested in California. Who was here, taking pictures of you to determine who to assassinate, in my city, in New York. We’ve had enough terrorism in New York for several lives. Many of us don’t forget. And we understand who our friends are, and who our enemies are, and you are enemy.

The sign of a terrorist, dictatorial regime crumbling, is when they start doing a self-defeating thing. Now, they commit plenty of murder within Iran.  In fact, Rouhani has the more blood on his hands than Ahmadinejad had. Although a lot of western wacky press doesn’t recognize that. They still call him a reformer. He was a reformer!!! He reformed the methods of murder and murdered more people. But now, once again, like they have done in the past, the terrorists are so wanly, not only they are sponsoring terrorism abroad, by others so that they can hide, which they do more than any other nation in the world, but now they are carrying out, or attempting to carry out, terrorist acts led by their own diplomats. Do you realize how frightened they must be to do that!!!  Do you realize how irrational that is!!! Here they are trying to find or hang on to some allies among decent nations. I can’t imagine why any decent nation would want to have anything to do with them, but they’re trying to hang on to France and Belgium. And they go to France and Belgium with four people including a station chief in Vienna, the Iranian station chief in Vienna. And they had bombs and explosives, coming to Paris, to try to kill us when we were all there on June 30th.

Can you imagine how irrational and crazy that is to turn off Belgian and France, and not even think about it!? Because you’re so pathetically afraid that the MEK is going to overthrow your government!!!

And as I said that attempt is the same thing here in America Luckily they were caught in California with a picture of one of our colleagues with guns with ammunition and with a plan to assassinate him and others and then, of course, we know in Albania they were planning to bomb the New Year’s celebration back in March that I attended and Maryam Rajavi.

So, what can we accomplish now? First of all, we can accomplish telling those people in Iran who are standing up to the threat of violence and murder and destruction that we have their back. We support them, I was very very proud that president Trump at the first moment that these protests began tweeted and I know his tweets are somewhat controversial. And as his lawyer, I don’t want to say anything more about that. But, I believe the tweet supporting the protesters in Iran will be historic and may very well be.

You know that I’ve come before these groups many times in the last ten years and said one of the greatest moments in American history, in Western history, was when Ronald Reagan embrace Solidarity in Poland. That began the whole series of events that led to the peaceful, nonmilitary overthrow of a desperado regime far greater and far more powerful than Iran. And it was Ronald Reagan’s embracing, the Polish liberators and patriots, and not turning his back on them, as we had done before, with communist protesters. As we had done before with Romanian protesters, as you know.

I think that support and then the consistent support within his administration of people like John Bolton and our great secretary of state and many many others who understand from having worked with you what you do, I think that is helping to keep this protest movement alive. But. All that is support from the outside really the thing that’s keeping this alive and the regime understand it if you if your support the work you’re doing and the people who have that same courage and that same tenacity and that same desire for freedom who are your brothers and sisters in Iran who are the ones who are at the point of the spear they’re the ones who are putting their lives on the line and it seems to me the more the regime attacks them the more the regime tries to kill them and do violence to them the more the regime imprisons them the stronger and the more powerful their resistance becomes the.

You know very very often we’ve had we’ve had the issue we’ve had the issue brought up against us that the MEK really is not a very powerful organization it’s a cult, are we a cult!? I don’t know. I never belong to a cult. I think it might be fun they will like strange things and hats and stuff. But we’re not a cult we are people who are joined by something that is timeless and that is the love of freedom the love of democracy the love of human life which these people trash daily.

Now we’ve always known how powerful I’ve always known and my colleagues have how powerful you are the powerful influence you have within Iran and I always would say to others who doubted it why do they want to kill them so badly you don’t want to kill meaningless little protestors who can hurt you but in case there’s ever been any doubt about it I’m just going to read to you something that comes right out of the regime about the MEK Just a couple weeks ago, “Now who meets both of these conditions both the desire to overthrow and the potential capability to translate this desire into reality, the reality the overthrow the regime, it is that this point that everyone would collectively point to the MEK.”

And this is something that I would say all these nice things they say about them, Khamenei has reiterated it time and again. therefore it’s necessary we identify them to raise awareness and to prepare all of us against their real and serious threat so now tell me that you are not a serious threat if the regime which trying to overthrow sees us as a threat you are a threat it is a reality the protests are getting worse I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them it could be in a few days months a couple of years but it’s going to happen they are going to be overthrown.

The people of Iran obviously have now had enough. The sanctions are working the currency is going to nothing there where Russia was there where Poland was we see signs of young men and women saying give me some food, we saw a sign of a man trying to sell his internal organs for five hundred American dollars, probably a fortune in Iran.

Today this is truly pitiful these are the kinds of conditions that can lead to a successful revolution, and God willing nonviolent revolution.

I’ll conclude by reminding everyone that when we have these revolutions and these overthrows, a constant realistic fear it’s what’s going to replace the regime. And sometimes it has been catastrophic consequences, and sometimes it’s worked out well.

Here we have no doubt under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, under the leadership of all of you, under the leadership of the coalition chief establish, not just MEK, but a vast coalition, a hundred thousand people in Paris, doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, and hardworking people. Some wealthy, some middle class, some poor, but hardworking people who can stand up a government. This isn’t Iraq after the Iraq invasion. This is a diaspora of Iranians who are ready willing and able to come to help to sacrifice their lives, their fortune, their wealth, and make Iran free.

I know that my good friend John McCain, tragically, died before he could see the dream that he talked about when he went to Albania a short time before I did. One of my last conversations with him, if not the last conversation, with his prediction, that “I would be lucky enough to be in a free Tehran.” And John McCain is right, I will be with you in a Free Iran much sooner than they think.

Thank you

Speech by Mayor Rudy Giuliani at Free Iran: The Alternative Gathering 2018 Villepinte , Paris


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