Senator Robert Toricelli’s speech at the Iranian rally to oppose Rouhani visit to NY

Mr . Robert Toricelli’s speech at the Iranian rally to oppose Rouhani visit to NY

Thank you all very much, and thank you for being here today.

Let me first extend on behalf of all of us, our admiration and our thanks for Mrs. Rajavi who is given every day of her life, every year, year after year, and tirelessly in the fight for a free Iran. She has our thanks and our admiration.

And then to each of you. I know behind every face here today, there’s a story of a loved one who was executed, jailed, oppressed. A young person who’s never known freedom, or never escape poverty. Show me a thousand Iranians and I’ll show you two thousand stories of tragedy since the mullahs assume their dictatorial power. It is a testament to each and every one of you that you never forgot, you never stood down, and you never turned away. You’ve come back to demand a decent, a fair, and a free future for the Iranian people. History will never forget you.

Thank you for being here.

When Rouhani rises to speak in the chamber of the United Nations, I want every member of the U.N., every delegate, every spectator, every head of state, to know who’s standing before you. In an organization dedicated to peace, and human rights, and social justice, and the dignity of men, it’s important that you know who speaks today the United Nations.

Rouhani does not belong among the heads of state. He does not belong in the United Nations. He does not belong in a chamber where people are dedicated to peace and freedom and human justice. He is a thug, a tyrant, and a murderer. He does not belong in that chamber, and he should not be greeted as a man of peace or dignity.

So members of the United Nations, who speaks to you today!!! Who is Rouhani? He has murdered thirty-four hundred of his own citizens in cold blood, for no crime. But that they speak like all other people, wanting a better future for their country, for this crime, and this crime alone they have been executed. He, Rouhani who holds the record per capita of killing more of his own citizens, his own people in cold blood than any other leader on earth, this is who speaks to you today. This is who you have given the dignity of speaking in the United Nations chamber. Turn your heads. Don’t raise your hands. Don’t give in the dignity, of being received as a world leader. That is Rouhani!!!

Rouhani. Rouhani who in June dispatched his own diplomats, to go to Paris, to plant a bomb to kill all of us, who only speak out and rise up for a better Iran. This is who speaks to you today, you the diplomats in the United Nations. A man who would execute, using his own diplomats.

And so we call upon Germany today, who hold those diplomats in confinement, to extradite them to the United States, where they can face justice for their crimes, their crimes that they would kill all of us who speak here today for a better Iran.

And so what is it we seek?

There were times when all of us believed that the regime might moderate, might change. There were times when we simply would call upon Tehran to let its people be free, its economy to prosper. We don’t believe that anymore. They have had decades to reform, a generation to change. They had every opportunity to allow Iran to prosper, and they failed. Our message now, to all the leaders of the world is this, time is up, it is time for the regime to fall, and a new government to take place in Tehran. It is over. We want regime change, and we want to free Iran now.


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