MEK: RudyGiuliani “The Path to Freedom –The Alternative”


RudyGiulianiMayor of New York City

The regime has announced that the MEK is the only organization
that can realistically replace them. The movement is led by Maryam Rajavi,
a heroic woman.

 Mayor Rudy Giuliani: “I Will Be With You In A Free Iran Much Sooner Than They Think”

Rudy Giuliani: I will be with you in a Free Iran much sooner than mullahs think

On Saturday 22nd September, a huge crowd of Iranian-Americans took part in a gathering named “2018 Iran Uprising Summit: The Path to Freedom – the Alternative”. European and American politicians spoke at the event that was organised by the Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC). The purpose of the event was to voice support for the ongoing protests that are still happening across Iran. The speakers, including panels of young people from Iranian communities, called on the international community to show support for the people of Iran and the Resistance in their quest for regime change.

Adviser and lawyer to U.S. President Donald Trump, former mayor of New York City and long-time supporter of the Iranian Resistance Rudy Giuliani emphasised that the people of Iran are “entitled to freedom and democracy” and said that the regime’s terrorist operations are increasing against the opposition. He said: “I must say to the Iranian government, you must be truly afraid of being overthrown. We will not forget that you have murdered many, many Americans. You have taken our diplomats hostage to humiliate us. We understand who our friends are and who our enemies are. And you are our enemy.”

Following is the full text of Rudy Giuliani remarks:

Thank you very much,

Let me acknowledged Maryam Rajavi and her fine, as usual, talk and inspirational talk to us and Gen. Jones.

I hope to be able and qualify for that group in Iran, I hope I say enough offensive things now so that they’ll put me on that list to kill me. If I’m not already there, we’ll try to get there the other day. Bernard Kouchner, your honor, Giulio Terzi, my good friend, the  Great Attorney General, Judge Michael Mukasey e, Professor  Parsa and  Mr.  Shareef, all former speakers today.

It’s a great honor to speak with you, and also to remind you that there are a whole group of others, as   General Jones mentioned,   a former civilian,    military, government officials, Republican, Democrat, and independent, all different political ideas and thinking, about one hundred of us. And we agree on one thing, that Iran is entitled to freedom and democracy, that Iran should be led by leaders, like Maryam Rajavi and others. And that would be the only assurance for a peaceful Iran. The only assurance of a peaceful Iran is to have a stable, democratic, lawful, decent regime. So that we can say in general, the Iranian government, the Iranian nation, and not these group of outlaws, murderers, and people who pretend to be religious people and they have so much blood on their hands. It’s almost unthinkable when the history of this period is written, the two ayatollahs will go down as two of the worst murderous, mass murderers of the last century and this century. And they deserve to go down as that.

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