steelworkers’ strikes and protests in Ahwaz


Steelworkers’ strikes and protests in Ahwaz to regain their rights which have been trampled by the mullahs regime’s plundered agents. Steelworkers’ strikes and protests in Ahwaz December 4, 2018, We steelworkers stand against oppression & cruelty Victory is from God and near_ down with the deceitful government We never accept disgrace Neither the government nor the ruler care about the nation We’re the workers’ children, we stand by their side Deceiver locksmith, where is your measure’s key They chant for Imam Hossein, but pride themselves in thieving The 24th day the strike of Iran National Steel Industry Group (INSIG) workers Our enemy is here, they lie that it is America We are steelworkers and will root out tyranny!

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