Iranian diplomat terrorists exposed by an online conference

Iranian diplomat terrorists exposed by an online conference

The arrest and expulsion of the Iranian regimes diplomat terrorists together with the exposure of terrorist plots of the Iranian ministry of intelligence in Albania, France, US, and Denmark in recent months are indicative of the rise of the state sponsorship of terrorism by the mullahs in Europe and the United States.

Although these terrorist plots are primarily aimed at the regime’s main opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK/PMOI) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) they also seriously endanger the lives of European and American citizens.

These types of terrorist operations are planned and ordered by the highest political and security decision-making body of the Iranian regime called the Supreme National Security Council headed by the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, and endorsed by its leader Ali Khomeini. Then the so-called diplomats of the regime are specifically assigned to carry them out.

In the case of the plot for bombing the grand gathering of the Iranian resistance in Paris on June 30th, Asadollah Assadi, the third cosul of the regime in Austria and the highest figure of the ministry of intelligence in Europe directly masterminded the plan and personally delivered the bomb to the terrorists who are now imprisoned in Belgium.

On Saturday December 15th, in an online conference of the Iranian communities simultaneously held in 42 cities across Europe, North America and Australia, a number of international personalities and politicians announced their support for a call by the Iranian resistance on the United States and European countries to blacklist the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

They also called for the need to prosecute, punish and expel the Iranian regime’s agents. This conference was live streamed over a network of websites and social media accounts.

The following is a brief report of the conference:

 Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran accompanied by the former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy; Ingrid Betancourt the former presidential candidate in Columbia; Pandeli Majko the ex-prime minister of Albania; Fatmir Mediu, the member of Albanian parliament;  Senator Gerry Horkan member of the Irish Senate and Mr. Antonio Tasso member of the Parliament of Italy, participated in this gatherings at Ashraf 3, Albania, and gave speeches.

The keynote speaker at the conference, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, pointed to the roots of Khamenei’s concerns, reflected at his recent speech, and said, “Three days ago, Khamenei said the U.S. and the PMOI might be creating commotion in 2018, but their plans are for 2019. Why is Khamenei so terrified? Because not a single day went by last year without protests against the regime, and without cries for freedom.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi continued: “The regime repeatedly tried to stifle the uprisings. Every time, however, the embers started glowing from under the ashes. It attempted to stop the resistance units, to no avail. It resorted to terrorist plots against the Resistance, but suffered a backlash.”
Regarding the regime’s attempts to find a solution to its crisis, Mrs. Rajavi added, “They sought to rectify their bankrupt economy, but the situation deteriorated. They sought the collaboration of European governments as a way to get around the sanctions, but did not get anywhere.”
Mrs. Rajavi commended the supporters of the Iranian resistance and praised their tireless efforts, “
My warmest regards and salutes to you, supporters of the Iranian Resistance, hardworking, impassioned, patient and selfless friends who seem to be a part in more than 40 capitals in three continents, but are practically united as one.”
Mrs. Rajavi stipulated the clerical regime’s resort to terrorism as a mean to overcome its crises, and added: “The Iranian regime’s recourse to terrorism and other crimes is not a transient or tactical reaction, but a solution and an outlet in the regime’s strategy to survive and rein in its overthrow crisis.” and, “the regime makes use of terrorism in Europe and the U.S. as an essential defensive tool to launch a counter attack against the Iranian people’s uprisings.”

Then, Mr. Patrick Kennedy, the former member of US House of Representatives, took the floor.
Pointing to the Iranian regime, Mr. Kennedy said that terrorist plots abroad complements the regime’s domestic repression.

He emphasized that regime’s terror plots in Europe and the US, against its main opposition, the MEK, has surged in 2018 due to the key role that this organization plays in Iran’s uprising.

Ms. Ingrid Betancourt was the next speaker. she expressed that fighting for a free Iran, has not only touched the lives of Iranian people, but it a victory for all . The victory of human dignity.

Ms. Betancourt added that every day the people were reminding the mullahs that they have no right to rule Iran. They reminded them that they have abducted the people of Iran. And, every day the people reminded the mullahs that this was going to come to an end.
Addressing the audience at the international conference in Albania, the former presidential candidate of Columbia said: “Protests wouldn’t be possible if you were not as organized as you are here. It is all because you are here with a plan and a leader like Maryam Rajavi.”
Pointing to Iran regime, Ms. Betancourt added: “Now, terrorism is used as a defense tool {by the mullahs regime}.  Everything has changed. It is the mullahs who are at the defensive”, and she concluded> “Time has changed. You are the hope. Maryam Rajavi is the leader. And we have to win.”

Sid Ahmed Ghozali, the former prime minister of Algeria  addressed the conference frome Paris, and said: “The West should know that regime’s terrorism is part of  the DNA of this regime. The solution is not military or appeasement. Only one solution i there to remove the regime,” and, “Terrorism is a tool used by the regime. The regime has no solution. The present situation is the result of 30 years of repression.”

Mr. Ghozali stated, “the regime cannot solve the economic situation of Iran,” and, “The mullahs have entered a phase which will surely end up with mullahs’ downfall,” he concluded.

Mr. Roger Lyons, the former General Secretary of Amicus attending the International Conference in London sent a message of solidarity with the Iranian people,

“To the people of Iran, who are listening today, we are with you, we support you, and will give voice to your dissent until your legitimate demands for a Free Iran are met…The UK and EU should show solidarity with the Iranian people in their struggle and act at the UN to hold the regime accountable based on a firm policy.” At the end, he called for blacklisting the MOIS.

Honorable Lord Dholakia, Co-Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Peers, addressed the conference from the UK: “I would like to see in a free Iran that through the ballot box Mrs. Maryam Rajavi will be the President of the first government.”
The international community and Europe must act to stop the Iran regime’s terrorism from reaching Europe & hold the regime’s leaders to account for its human rights violations.

From the USA,Ms. Rahileh Sadeghi said: “This resistance has shown it has the ability to bring democracy to Iran. I know thousands specialists who are eager to take active part in Iran’s future,”and “the inhuman regime has no way to get out of the current situation. The European countries should expel Iranian diplomat-terrorists and recognize the Iranian resistance,” she highlighted.

Ms. Laila Jazayeri from the United Kingdom: “The Iranian resistance has financial independence, for that it has the power to say its own words and have its own policies. Just a few days ago over 6 million [dollars] was raised through the donations of the Iranian people,” she underscored pointing to the recent telethon of the Syma-e Azadi, the resistance’s TV.

Ms. Mansoureh Bahmanpour, from Germany, was the next speaker. Pointing  the Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point plan,

 she said: “Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan shows that the new free Iran will be run by a democratic government”, and “the MEK has a great and broad popular support among Iranian people and they have great power to organize the resistance units and they have all the support of the Iranian people.”

Mr. Sourosh Abouthalebi from Belgium said: “The Iranian regime is facing a deep crisis and sees the threats coming from the Iranian resistance.People of Iran are taking part in demonstrations and mullahs are not able to stop them. These are all results of the MEK activities… the regime should be held accountable for its actions. Europe should condemn this regime for the repression of the Iranian people.”

Ms. Farideh Sedighi, California,USA: “The Iranian heroines have been leading demonstrations across Iran. Mrs. Rajavi has told the mullahs that you will be overthrown by a force you have never counted on and have always neglected.”

Ms. Sara Fallah from
International coalition of Women against fundamentalism (ICWAF) Toronto called  on the International community to close down Iran regime’s embassies which are the source of terror cells, and also to expel Iranian diplomat terrorists

From Germany, Ms. Mitra Harsini stated: “Iranian people are rising. That is why we see the regime engaging in terrorist acts. To confront this resistance the regime will engage in further terror activities.”

Ms. SomaiyehAbdolmaleki, Denmark: “The Iranian resistance has pulled downKhomeini from the moon (Early after the 1979 anti-monarchy revolution some commons said that they have seenKhomeini’s image in the moon!) and has shown the people what he truly was. This regime   sees its own death in Mojahedin (MEK).”

Mr. HousainPishkar, Sweden: “After40 years of looting and executions, we can see the product of the works of the Iranian regime; killings all over in Syria, Yemen, and Iran.” They frighten us from the ISIS. But if the Mullahs go away, the ISIS will go away. The Iranian regime is the factory producing groups such as ISIS in Europe and the region,” he added.

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