Rouhani threats by trafficking drugs, terrorism, and refugee crisis

Last week, the mullah regime’s president absurdly claimed: “If US sanctions weaken Iran’s ability to confront smuggling of narcotics, stop the flow of refugees and terror attacks, the west will be deluged by them.” Even more bizarre, this charlatan left a new record in bluffing. After the meeting of the heads of the three branches of the government, Rouhani ludicrously claimed: “The implementation of the sanctions on Nov. 5th, has had an inverse effect on our oil export; it has advanced much better.” So, after Nov. 5th as the sanctions were reimposed, this regime both claimed a surge in its oil export, and, threatened that the US reimposed sanctions will weaken it in confronting the trafficking of narcotics to the west, stopping the flow of refugees to western countries and preventing terror attacks on them.

But is this regime really that angel that saves the west from all these misdeeds and tribulations?

IRGC controls all trafficking sectors in Iran

Regarding the drug issue, the regime claims that it annually burns about 100 tons of narcotics, but the rate of drug trafficking never decreases. It executes dozens of people under the pretext of drug trafficking but what we are witnessing is that the age of addiction has reduced to 10 in recent years.

In fact, the IRGC controls all the sea, air, and land borders, ports, airports, and roads in Iran, and no need to point out the IRGC’s role in the underground business (read trafficking) in Iran, which its value is estimated at around $140 billion based on the IMF’s study. Even Rouhani admitted to the IRGC’s control over dozens of registered and unregistered quays. And Ahmadinejad, regime’s former president also called the IRGC “our smuggler brothers.”

McMaster, former US National Security Adviser, speaking at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) forum, said, “They [IRGC commanders] are a great narcotics trafficking organization that enrich themselves while poisoning the world and use that money to create murder.” (Radio Farda, October 21, 2017)

Terrorism: a pillar of the mullahs regime

Terrorism is another issue that the mullahs’ regime resorts to it to scare the West. For years, the mullahs regime and IRGC have been familiar with exporting terrorism and fundamentalism. A glance at the regime’s foiled terrorist plots and espionage operations in 2018, reveals the hollow claims of Rouhani.

In last March, the Albanian authorities announced that they have succeeded to foil a bombing plot targeting Iran’s opposition (PMOI\MEK). During the operation of the Albanian security forces, two suspected Iranians were detained in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

In last June, Belgian security forces uncovered a shocking terrorist plot masterminded by an Iranian diplomat against the gathering held by the Iranian opposition in Paris.

Yet, the state-sponsor of terrorism continued its terrorist conspiracies. In August, two Iranian regime spies were arrested in the United States. In November, Danish security forces arrested a regime assassin who had close ties with the regime’s ambassador to Denmark.

The latest example was in Bulgaria when the security forces found a huge arsenal, and some forged Canadian, European, Israeli and Iranian passports. In this regard, the police detained two Iranian citizens in Sofia. In a press conference, Boiko Borisov, Bulgarian prime minister told journalists: “Until now, I have not seen such a cache with this volume of weapons.”

The Mullahs’ crimes, the promoter of the refugee crisis!

It is also very ridiculous that the regime, who has created and sustained the refugees’ crisis by its unceasing support of Damascus butcher and is the world’s record owner of brain drain, is scaring the other countries with the refugees’ crisis.

This regime is not a barrier against drug trafficking, the flow of refugees, or export of terrorism rather it hinders the termination of these universal crises. Undoubtedly, this barrier will only be surmounted and disposed of by the Iranian people and their organized resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. The brave and deprived people who shook the earth throughout the year 2018 under the feet of mullahs ruling Iran. The Iranian people are seeking the overthrow of the religious fascism and establishing a free and democratic Iran through their daily anti-regime activities and protests with the resistance units as their inspirers and pioneers.

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    I think the Iranian regime is by far the largest drug exporter

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