Ingrid BetTancourt: former Columbian presidential candidate

Betancourt: “You are the hope”

Former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt attended the convention and emphasized on the PMOI / MEK’s role in the opposition movement against the Iranian regime.

“When I accepted the invitation to come to this convention, I insisted on being with PMOI/MEK members inside Ashraf 3,” she said.

“In June, during a massive Iranian opposition convention which I was attending, we heard news of an Iranian regime terror plot targeting the rally, foiled by Belgian, German and French authorities,” Betancourt added, reviewing the terror plots pursued by the Iranian regime against the PMOI/MEK.

“In parallel nature, the Iranian regime has been very active in attempting to tarnish the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK’s image,” she noted.

Betancourt remarked that terrorism has been in the nature of the mullahs’ regime, to impose fear in the Iranian society and abroad and now, they are using terrorism as a defensive tool to safeguard their interests.

After the bombing plot in France, President Francois Macron adopted a position that is really a red signal of what is to come. He froze the assets of the Ministry of Intelligence in France, expelled people from the Iranian embassy and he was about to appoint an ambassador in Iran, which he decided against.

“I think things are changing and am very hopeful and positive,” Betancourt emphasized.

“The best option for Iran is here, being freedom with Maryam Rajavi. And now they are fearing that they will be brought to justice. This is our commitment. We will free Iran and will bring [the regime] to justice…Time has changed. You are the hope. Maryam is the leader and we are with you,” she added.

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