Free Iran Rally in Paris, no to oppression in Iran and terrorism in EU

Free Iran Rally in Paris, no to oppression in Iran and terrorism in EU

On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the anti-monarchy revolution in Iran,
a huge rally was held on Friday, February 19, in protest against the massive violations of the human rights and terror operations directed by the Iranian regime on the European soil at Denfert Square in Paris.

The rally began at 1400 local time. Numerous prominent political and parliamentary figures from France and Arab countries as well as international dignitaries, senior former officials and lawmakers attended the  Free Iran Rally in Paris.

Freedom loving Iranians gathered in this historic square to mark the memory of the martyrs and the leaders of the anti-monarchy revolution. Waving Iranian flags, they chanted the slogan, “All the Iranians are crying for freedom and independence.”  They also recalled the wish of the Iranian people for a republic system based on democracy and secularism, which would be achieved only by toppling the theoretical regime ruling Iran.

The attendees in rally commemorated the anniversary of the epic resistance
of Ashraf Rajavi and Mossa Khiybani high rank members of the PMOI/MEK, in face of Khomeini’s suppression, who kept their promise to restore Iran’s freedom at the price of their lives, in 1981.  

The protestors expressed their support for the resistance councils and resistance units, the network of the PMOI, active inside Iran.

Iranian dissidents, in Free Iran Rally in Paris, condemned the executions and human rights violations at home, as well as regime’s exporting of terrorism and missile program.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), delivered a video speech to the Free Iran Rally in Paris.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi began her message with greetings the protesters in Iran, the freedom fighters of the resistance units, and the standard-bearers of freedom all across the nation.

Mrs. Rajavi called the attendees in the rally, the symbols of every Iranian who is against tyranny and dependence and the Iranian desire for a republic, democracy, separation of religion and state, and the overthrow of the mullahs’ rule.

On the anniversary of the anti-monarchic revolution of the people of Iran, Mrs. Rajavi paid tribute to all the commons and leaders of that great event; and stated that after the overthrow of the Shah’s dictatorship, his true successors, namely Khomeini and Khamenei, took over the helms.

Referring to the hideous era after Khomeini’s grasping the power, Mrs. Rajavi stated that the Iranian people had to go through this whirlpool of horror and darkness in order to achieve freedom and democracy.

In that regard, Mrs. Rajavi reminded the arrest of thousands of people last year for protesting against the regime. A  number of them were killed under custody and many were tortured. The killings were fraudulently announced as suicides. .

Mrs. Rajavi pointed to the mullahs crack down on Arab, Kurdish, and Balochi compatriots, also, on workers, teachers, students and women, and other sectors of society who have stood up to the regime.

Indicating the sacrifice 120,000 of the Iranian nation’s children, Mrs. Rajavi stressed that Iranian would not give in and surrender but they would continue the uprisings and revolts till victory.

Specifying starting a new phase in the Iranian people’s battle to bring down the mullahs’ theocratic rule, Mrs. Rajavi underscored the expectations of
addressing the international community to respect the struggle of the Iranian people and to recognize their goal of liberating Iran and the world from the mullahs’ evil rule.

Mrs. Rajavi cautioned the Western governments over their role in protecting the regime especially in the past two decades, via their appeasement policy that gave it many opportunities to survive, by blocking the road to change in Iran through suppressing, blacklisting and constraining the Iranian Resistance. That misguided policy has put the Westerners in crises. These crises could be definitely ended by recognizing the right of the Iranian people’s resistance to topple the mullahs’ theocracy. Mrs. Rajavi, in the Free Iran Rally in Paris, called that the heart of the solution to the problem of Iran, the path to Iran’s freedom, regional tranquility, and global peace.

As a practical step, Mrs. Rajavi demanded the international community to stand up to the clerical regime and prevent their access to missile programs and any form of arms and equipment, as well as blacklisting the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the U.S. and European Union.

Some of the international political figures, senior former and present officials, mayors and lawmakers who attended Free Iran Rally in Paris expressed their solidarity with the Iranian resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and held speeches.  

Jean François Legaret, Mayor of Paris-1 arrondissement, addressed the demonstrators in Free Iran Rally in Paris.

Mr. Legaret said that the Iranian regime is not legitimate and it tortures its own people on daily basis.  He valued the sanctions imposed by the UN for the regime’s record of execution. He also condemned the regime’s plot for a terror attack against Iranian opposition’s rally in Paris which was unfolded by the Police in last June.

Mr. Legaret concluded that an illegitimate regime has to be overthrown. He pointed out that the Iranian resistance is ready to do so and called for its support. In the end, Mr. Legaret praised the Iranian resistance (NCRI).

The next speaker was Mr. Gilbert Mitterrand. He said, “We gather to support the Iranian people.  Iran’s authorities celebrate the 40th anniversary of the revolution. They use the people’s money and manipulate the economy for war in the region. They have forgotten the Iranian people who are now uprising.” He added: “the regime continues executions and 40 years of massacre, torture and … We are here to support the aspiration of the people of Iran for a democratic alternative. The International community should recognize this alternative.”

Sid Ahmed Ghozali, The former Algerian prime minister from 1991 to 1992, took the podium and said: “We are here to wish that you and Mrs. Rajavi reach Tehran soon. Today is the anniversary of Ashraf Rajavi’s and Moussa Khiabani’s martyrdom.  I believe the time has come for the people of Iran to overthrow the Iranian regime and bring democracy to their country.” He added, “I urge our European friends, to be alert regards the Iranian regime and its terrorism.”

Mr. François Colcombet was the next speaker. He stated: “Iran’s revolution was hijacked. Europe helped this regime but we hope this has changed.  This regime has deprived its people of liberty. This demonstration shows that the choice is not the regime but it is you (the Iranian resistance).”

Ms. Mahnaz Salimian, the representative of the NCRI, stated, “Today in Iran, there is a scene of the fight between freedom loving people of Iran and the regime’s forces.”  “The revolution has continued”, she added, “Mullahs thought they could govern Iran by hijacking the revolution but the generation of Massoud Rajavi has stood up against them. And, this revolution continues.”

Ms. Salimian added, “Today we gather to say hail to people of Iran and the martyrs of freedom whose motto is “supreme leader, your time is over.”

Senator Jean-Pierre Michel saluted the resistance and said that the Iranian regime was about to be toppled. He urged the European governments not to fear the mullahs and open their eyes and help Iranian resistance. He called upon the European states to support those people who are fighting in Iran for Democracy.  He mentioned the Iranian resistance led by Mrs. Rajavi as the alternative for freedom and Human Rights in Iran and assured: “Tomorrow we’ll be in Iran celebrating a free republic.”

Mr. Alejo Vidal Quadras, the former Vice President of the European Parliament, gave a speech to the Free Iran Rally in Paris: “Iranian people have suffered a lot during the past 40 years.  Last year we saw people of Iran rising and calling that the game was over for conservatives and moderates. The Iranian resistance units have made this regime so helpless that it had to resort to terrorism to eliminate leaders of the resistance physically.”

Mr. Quadras added: “Six Iranian diplomats have been arrested or expelled for participating in terrorist activities during the last years. This shows the regime is serious about the fact that this movement is a real threat to it,” he said, “I call and urge the EU to stop the appeasement policy and support the Iranian opposition instead of the Iranian regime. Appeasement will only encourage the regime to continue suppression in Iran and terrorism abroad.”

At the end of the speech, Mr. Quadras called for unity against the Mullahs’ regime, “Let us work together in this struggle to overthrow the mullahs’ regime.”

Mr. George Sabra, a member of the Syrian Democratic People’s Party, spoke to the Free Iran Rally in Paris, “Iranian regime commits crimes against not only the people of Iran but against the people of the region.”

George Sabra said: “This is the day to avenge the deeds of the mullahs and support the Iranian resistance.  This is a rage against the Iranian government, which has turned the region into a battlefield and now is exporting its terrorism into Europe.”

  “Now the whole world knows the danger of this regime and we’ll soon put an end to this regime and the end is near,” Mr. Sabra anticipated.

The next speaker, Mr. Mehdi Sameh said: “Our movement today is for defending the right of the people to overthrow this regime and to support their movement for justice and for helping the poor people who are neglected.”

“The Iranian people’s revolution has passed important points.  We are at a new juncture and there is a new horizon,” he concluded.

The next speaker Gerard Lauton took the podium, “This is a support for a peaceful Iran in face of the Iranian regime and the supreme leader with its thousands of executions and crackdown on syndicates and labor unions,” and, “this is the worst dictatorship in Iran, supporting Bashar Assad and building ballistic missiles.  We want to show our solidarity with the people of Iran and share your dream to have a Free Iran.”

Mr. Jean-Pierre Brad, the prominent French politician addressed the protesters pointing that the mullahs have killed their compatriots in Iran and urged the EU to join the sanctions against Mullahs’ regime. He emphasized that Mrs. Federica Mogherini should not continue relations with Iran, instead she should express her solidarity with the people of Iran.

Mr. Pierre Bercis, the head of the New Human Rights organization, said: “We hope this is the last demonstration here because the wounded animal of the mullahs is about to be killed.  We have to continue this fight in whatever situation.”

Mr. Ali Bahrami, the representative of Revolutionary Khabat Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan called the Mullahs as the main creator of problems for people of Iran, who have killed thousands of freedom-loving people in Iran and Kurdistan and have executed thousands of prisoners; supporters of the PMOI and other groups.  Mr. Bahrami demanded the international community not to appease the mullahs’ regime. He saluted the Iranian people and their resistance.

Ms. Azadeh Alemi, human rights activist, was the next speaker. She said, “I praise the Resistance Units for their struggle in Iran and their activities in the course of a national uprising. They recall the memories of young freedom fighters in the 1980s”. “I would like to salute the Iranian resistance, its leader Mr. Massoud Rajavi and its president Mrs. Maryam Rajavi,” she added. Ms. Alemi supported the 10-point plan of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, which leads to a free and democratic country.

She stated: “Terror activities of the Iranian regime has increased as it is nearing its end and it has become isolated.  The regime is using the country’s assets to keep itself in power,” and added, “soon we’ll sing the song of liberty in our country together.”

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  1. Arash Caviani says

    This event is very important, especially before the Polish summit, which is to be set up against the rule of the Iranian religious dictatorship. In my opinion, this was an exponential power of resistance against the mullahs of Tehran.
    Demonstrators carry posters of Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, and wave Iranian flags during a protest in Paris, Friday Feb.8, 2019 as Iran marks the 40th anniversary of its Islamic Revolution

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