Speech by Robert Torricelli; Warsaw Summit, Free Iran Rally, Feb. 13

Speaking at a rally by Iranians in Warsaw Senator Robert Torricelli said: “The thousands and thousands of Iranians who have risked their lives have taken to the streets of the cities and towns of Iran, they are your choice. The thousands and millions of people of diaspora across Europe, but in America they are the choice, the NCRI is the choice, Maryam Rajavi is the choice. There is a choice for new leadership in Iran.”

The rally by Iranians supporting the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on Wednesday was held on the first day of the conference on Middle East in Warsaw Poland.

Test of speech by former Democratic US Senator Robert Torricelli follows:

In all the world, there is no better place to meet to speak of freedom than in Warsaw, Poland,
For 70 years, the Polish people did not negotiate with their oppressors. They didn’t hope for change. They didn’t accommodate their loss of freedom. They never gave up the idea that Poland would be free. Today we come here to demand the same for the Iranian people.

Well, we congratulate those nations represented here today to discuss the future of the Middle East and Iran. We all speak to those nations that are not here. We understand your desire for accommodation and reconciliation, but there comes a time in life when reality must triumph over hope. We have tried to negotiate with Tehran. There have been negotiations with Tehran. We have hoped for for last 40 years and they have answered us with terrorism or oppression and death. The thousands of martyrs in Iran lying in their graves are a testament to the fact there is no negotiating with this regime. The regime must end now.

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