Iranian’s rally in Warsaw calls for recognizing the Iranian resistance

Iranian’s rally in Warsaw calls for recognizing the Iranian resistance

Coincident with the attendance of the official envoys from 60 countries at Poland conference to discuss peace in the Middle East, we witnessed an unprecedented gathering of the Iranian diaspora in Warsaw.

While the Iran regime is sowing the seeds of hatred, conspiracy and terrorism in the Middle East and all around the world, the supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), in Warsaw, represented the hopes of the Iranian people for peace and freedom. They represented the will of the people of Iran: the recognition of the right to resist against this callus regime and regime change.

The demands of the Iranian’s rally in Warsaw:

Simultaneous to the Poland conference, the adherents of the Iran resistance held rallies in Warsaw for two consecutive days. In below zero temperature in Warsaw, they expressed support for the Iranian people’s uprisings and resistance units; the PMOI’s network inside Iran.  Some prominent political figures attended the Iranian’s rally in Warsaw, among them, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senator Robert Torricelli, Sid Ahmed Ghozali, the former prime minister of Algeria, and Marcin Święcicki, the former Mayor of Warsaw. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the Resistance of Iran, addressed the Iranians rally in Warsaw via a video message and propounded the Iranian resistance demands as follow:

1. Blacklist the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) by placing their whole entities on the terror lists of the U.S. and European Union;
2. Expel the agents of the Iranian intelligence services and the terrorist Quds Force from the U.S. and Europe;
3. Refer the dossier on violations of human rights in Iran to the UN Security Council;
4. Refer the dossier on the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran to the International Criminal Court;
5. Oust the mullahs’ illegitimate regime from the U.N. and recognize the representatives of the Iranian people’s just Resistance;
6. Evict and sweep away the forces of Iran’s ruling religious fascism from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan;
7. Compel the government of Iraq to compensate for the properties, equipment, arms and base camps of the PMOI/MEK and the National Liberation Army of Iran;
8. And finally, recognize the right of the Iranian people’s just Resistance to overthrow the mullahs’ theocracy, the Iranian people’s right to achieve freedom and democracy, and the Iranian people’s right to establish a popular sovereignty.”

What happened in Warsaw conference?

Although the meeting was held behind closed doors one could find out important facts through the remarks by Vice President Mike Pence and polish and U.S. Foreign Ministers at a joint press conference.

Vice President Mike Pence, in a speech at the Warsaw conference, emphasized:

Unlike in the year of 2009, the US will stand alongside the Iranian people who have come to the streets.”

He also pointed out:” We gather together today because of the common threats we face. No threat is more dangerous or more urgent than radical Islamist terrorism….”

At the joint press conference, the two foreign ministers of Poland and the US emphasized as well: “Not one country disagreed that the Iranian regime is the source of all mischief in the Middle East.”

Earlier, the US Secretary of State had emphasized in his message:”… As I said to my colleagues, it’s hard to talk about any of these topics without mentioning the regime in Iran.”

The message of Iranian’s rally in Warsaw:

So once again, the declared demands and stances of the Iranian resistance echoed in the Iranian’s rally in Warsaw were proven as true. Indeed, if the West seeks to put an end to the threats and destructive activities of the Iran regime in the Middle East and through the world, and to end the brutal violation of human rights in Iran, the only way is standing beside the Iranian people’s uprising and their resistance. An international consensus to recognize the Iranian people’s rights for regime change, contrary to the appeasement policy, paves the path for peace, stability, and prosperity in the Middle East and a free and democratic Iran.               

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  1. علی حسینی says

    In Iran, all people are oppressed by the mullahs
    Iranians protest in cities every day
    And they want freedom and democracy
    Recognize Iran’s resistance

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