The resignation of Javad Zarif, Rouhani’s FM mirroring the incurable crises of mullahs regime

The resignation of Javad Zarif, Rouhani’s FM makes title in Iran regime’s official media.

Posting in his Instagram, Zarif wrote: “I apologize for not being able to continue my services…”

Tasnim news agency affiliated with the IRGC wrote: “Zarif announced his resignation on Monday night, Feb. 25 in his Instagram”.

IRNA official news agency also echoed the news and wrote: “FM, Mohammad Javad Zarif, resigned on Monday (Feb. 25).”

In an interview with Fars news agency’s foreign desk reporter a close source to the foreign ministry endorsed the news.

The resignation of Javad Zarif mirrors the utmost crisis within the mullahs regime. This shows crystal clear that the regime has reached a dead-end in its international relationship, in JCPOA, in FATF and etc.

International pressures  and the regional and global isolation of this regime showing themselves more than ever at the Warsaw Summit, Munich Security Conference and recently at Sharm al-Sheikh shows that the regime’s foreign policy has now proven to be a wrecked and helpless ship.

  1. @jamalfarshid1 says

    Given the resignation of #Javad Zarif
      Shows that the crisis in the clerical regime is in the final stages after successive failures

  2. Ali says

    Yeah, he should be sorry not only for his failed promises but also for the Iranian people’s condition and embarrassing the worse dictatorial regime in Iran history!

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