The Empire of Falsity paving the way for terrorism!

Mullahs regime’s Empire of Falsity entered Iran’s political scene from the onset of a revolution that was hijacked by Khomeini, to serve his political goals. Calling the MEK/PMOI as ‘hypocrites’ and adding that “the hypocrites are worse than infidels” Khomeini started a chain of lies to legitimize the annihilation of the MEK, torturing and murdering 120,000 enchained MEK members and supporters, including the massacre of 30.000 of them summer of 1988.

Recently, Mr. Todd Wood wrote an article on the Washington times titled “Sins of Bush, Obama leave Trump to clean up Iranian mess”, stating:

“For two decades, the MEK had been an existential threat to the mullahs’ murderous regime, so much so that Iran’s government executed over 120,000 of its members and demonized as a terrorist organization in the Western media.”

Regime’s Empire of Falsity, clearing the way for the slaughter of MEK abroad

Before relocation of all the members of the PMOI/MEK to Albania in 2016, they were living in camps Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq, under an inhumane siege imposed by the Iran regime’s puppet government of Nouri Al-Maleki.

At that time, the media affiliated with the mullahs’ regime ran a demonizing campaign against PMOI/MEK to justify the missile attacks (at camp Liberty) and the medical siege on the MEK, which led to losing dozens of lives.

And nowadays, regime’s lobbies such as the Guardian, the Independent, the British Channel 4, the Al Jazeera English, and above all Der Spiegel accuse the PMOI/MEK with groundless allegations without considering its legal right to defense, and why?

Facing everyday protests guided by PMOI’s Resistance Units, and regime’s icons being set ablaze by this units, breaking the atmosphere of repression, the regime needs to demonize the MEK as a justification to its terror plots abroad against this organization. The terror plot of regime’s sleeping cell against the NCRI gathering in Paris, masterminded by Asadollah Asadi, regime’s terrorist diplomat is just one instance.

Another terror plot in March 2018 aiming the New Year ceremony of the MEK in Albania led to the expulsion of regime’s ambassador to the country.

Cooperation with the Mullahs’ Empire of Falsity is complicity in crimes against the Iranian Resistance: Undoubtedly, targeting the organized resistance of the Iranian people, in particular, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and the MEK/PMOI, through misinformation campaigns, is merely dancing on the religious fascism’s tune. Particularly after several delegations from the United States and Europe have paid visits to Ashraf 3, not mentioning that the Spiegel’s chief editor was invited for a personal visit to Ashraf 3, the residence compound of the MEK, by the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s representative in Germany on November 14, 2018.

Therefore, it is imperative for such media to recant their claims and to stop violating their professional principle of impartiality. This may help them to restore their lost credit for their wrongdoings.

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