Maryam Rajavi deserve to be praised as “lion-hearted”

Maryam Rajavi deserve to be praised as “lion-hearted”

By: Norah Ta’Allah

Maryam Rajavi has preceded many men in courage deserving to be described as “lion-hearted”.

A woman who fights, endeavors, struggles and has made an all-out resistance against oppression and the fascist Iranian regime.

Freedom would not be at hand for those who merely struggle. One should consider how hard he/she has struggled, what price he/she is ready to pay, what he/she is ready to sacrifice and what he/she has achieved.

This is the reason we call Maryam Rajavi the symbol of dedication and generosity… and the symbol of courage and might.

She is the one who has devoted all her life to freedom, to defend the truth and to restoring justice for women. She taught us the lesson which millions of people had learned from her before. She has made her voice heard and has called for the unity of all ethnic minorities, religions, genders, and generations.

Freedom is the desire of all women, men, and children, young and old, all the people on earth.

The one who strives to achieve our rights and to bring about our wishes, defends us, strongly units us all, is our leader and we are his/her soldiers, marching toward a common goal.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi has carried out this duty by total commitment, trust, and experience.

That’s not necessarily true that boasting of being “lion-hearted” means being brave. There are few people entitled to this description.

And in our time, it is not merely Maryam Rajavi who advances like a lion, she leads an organization of “lion-hearted” Iranians who have come together and are known by their courage and braveness.

We say Mariam Rajavi is “lion-hearted”, because she fears nothing, on the contrary, they are the foes that fear her, and we describe the PMOI/MEK as a lion because its members are wholly valor and strength.

Oh warrior lady, peace and bravery be upon you forever, because those who follow you are inspired by your courage, they keep marching to the end by your courage, until the oppressors’ surrender and they reach their ultimate goal.


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