Conference in Geneva on Iran’s human rights record, March 7; Speech by Tahar Boumedra

Taher Boomedra: Mrs. Jahangir did excellent work by recognizing the crimes against humanity that had taken place in Iran in 1988. The new Rapporteur just recently published his report totally ignoring the massacre of 1988. I regret that the special rapporteur took this out of his report. The new rapporteur should take up the work where Mrs. Jahangir left off.  The crime was confirmed by a big study by Amnesty International. We hope the new rapporteur will continue to work on this issue and his next report will include this crime against humanity perpetrated by the mullahs’ regime in 1988.

If the UN does not take action on the massacres that took place in Iran, that will encourage the regime to continue its behavior as we witnessed last June in Paris

I ask, renew the call for thousands of families of victims to change and correct the fundamental mistake in the Rapporteur’s report as was recognized by his predecessor.

We cannot expect Iran to have any independent investigations, we know that is impossible.  We hope the new Rapporteur to join us, the families, former political prisoners, who are waiting and expecting a gesture and want to be heard.

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