What does the IRGC really do in the flood-hit areas?

What does the IRGC really do in the flood-hit areas?

Deploying BMP-1, infantry fighting vehicles, by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

at the very first hours of the flood in Shiraz.

Overnight patrolling in the streets and alleys in Shiraz by the IRGC’s Unit who were riding


A few questions:

Does the IRGC really intend to help flood victims?

All the armies have heavy off-road military trucks, with high capability of operation in tough


Why there were no heavy off-road military trucks in the flood-hit areas from the beginning?   

All the armies have various models of choppers with the great ability to air rescue and

delivering relief aid.

Why were the choppers absent in the scene!?

Each army has a wide range of boats very functional in deploying aids to the flood-hit areas,

the IRGC has lots of  those speed boats that shows off in its war games with them.

Why there were just ordinary people, who rushed to help the flood victims only using fishing


There are lots of gunny sacks in all military warehouses due to their wide use in setting up the


Why there was not even a single military gunny sack in the flood-stricken areas!?  

Each army has professional medics and field hospitals facilities.

Why the IRGC did not helped the flood-hit people with those facilities? There were no such

filming by independent sources, save some ostentatious gesture taking by the state-run TV for


The Revolutionary Guards has combat engineering units capable of installing large bridges

over the rivers in a short period of time.

Why no one saw these units helping in flood disaster!?

As a matter of fact, the IRGC is the main culprit regards the environmental crimes in Iran.

The IRGC has never had any intention of helping the people, and its forces do not show up in

the streets other than ridiculous showing up of rattle-battling or suppression the popular


The fact that highlights the weakness and vulnerability of the clerical regime in the face of the

explosive state of the society. 

Khamenei and Rouhani are fully aware that the recent flood disaster in Iran has created a

political powder keg which could blast at any moment and uproot their regime. 

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