Revolutionary Guards (IRGC); the noose tightened

Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) ; the noose tightened

By Mahdavi

Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) is listed as a terrorist entity, an issue that the Iranian resistance has long emphasized on its necessity. The designation of the IRGC by the U.S. in Foreign Terrorist Organizations List (FTO) is a turning point in a long battle between the people of Iran and their resistance spearheaded by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), and the Iran regime.

For the sake of the unceasing efforts by PMOI/MEK, the perseverance of Iran’s risen people against religious fascism, and the United States’ change in its policy, Khamenei and  Revolutionary Guards are facing what they should have faced many years ago; the blacklisting of IRGC.

Years ago the US government of the time in collusion with the imposturous Khatami, who claimed moderation, designated PMOI/MEK as an FTO. As a result, they were bombed, suppressed and disarmed. Now it is time for the Iran regime to be held accountable.

Years of revelations by PMOI/MEK in regard to the IRGC’s role in the regime’s terrorism and expansionism around the world made the US understand who it should be focused on. Thus, righteously putting aside the policy of appeasement, Trump’s administration labeled Revolutionary Guards as a foreign terrorist organization.

Revolutionary Guards; a brief history

Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) is a reactionary terrorist military force that was formed on April 22, 1979, in Tehran with the aim of maintaining the rule of Velayat-e Faqih.

The suppression of the discontented youths who protested against the hijacking of the revolution by Khomeini, the repression of women under the mullahs-made pretext of improper veiling, and most importantly continuous attacks on the PMOI/MEK supporters and their offices were the primary actions of this evil force.  The suppression of the deprived people in Kurdistan Province and other dissident minorities are also registered in the Revolutionary Guards’ record, in the first years of Khomeini’s rule.

During the 8-year Iran-Iraq war, Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) organized dispatching the children to minefields. Afterward, Revolutionary Guards trained and deployed terrorists and mercenaries to the neighboring countries and after the ceasefire in Iran-Iraq war, it became the largest financial institution in the Middle East; and gained such wealth and strength that became more powerful than the official government of the mullahs! Once Rouhani, the regime’s president, hinted at a parallel government, which possesses money, troops, weapons, and media!

According to Ahmadinejad, the former regime’s president, Revolutionary Guards has several secret landing fields and dozens of clandestine harbors, and, by itself, is a complete self-sufficient state.

This evil power is the main tool of the religious tyranny ruling Iran, for meddling in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and Afghanistan, and for export of terrorism to various countries of the region.

A review of regime’s budget allocation in the Iranian year 1398 (March 21, 2019- March 20, 2020) shows that 33 percent of the country’s military budget is allocated to criminal  Revolutionary Guards, which is about 303 trillion rials ($ 6.4 billion).

The history of confrontation between the PMOI/MEK and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

The historical confrontation of the PMOI/MEK with Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) has been going on for about 40 years. As a result of the popular uprisings in Iran, which started in the late 2017 and has continued until now, , and in which the Iranian people aimed at the toppling of mullahs regime at its entirety, many countries, in the region and beyond, revised their relation with the religious fascism ruling Iran and began to keep their distance.

Undoubtedly this new atmosphere of protests and resistance inside Iran as well as the revelation of regime’s meddling and terror operations in the ME and around the world by the PMOI/MEK and NCRI led to a change in US policy and gave fruit in the designation of the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization

The history of Revolutionary Guards’ designation

Since day one of the Revolutionary Guards’ existence, the PMOI/MEK, shrewdly, warned about the suppression the freedom lovers in the near future by it.

For the last four decades, the PMOI/MEK has divulged the devastating and belligerent role of Guards in the region, and in exporting terrorism and fundamentalism. The PMOI/MEK alerted the world of the terror plans and clandestine nuclear and missile programs being carried out by Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), through publishing thousands of books, pamphlets, and announcements, in addition to holding dozens of press conferences.

Revolutionary Guards, the tool of ransacking and slaughtering

At the beginning of the revolution, Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) swiftly became the predator of the freedom fighters in Iran and was responsible for wasting hundreds of thousands of lives in the eight-year Iran-Iraq war. It couldn’t answer the expectations of the people, especially the youths, after the anti-monarchy revolution in Iran so it agitated Iraq until a war started. During the war and afterward, Revolutionary Guards became the largest contractor of the region, and bankrupted all private and public corporations and turned to the cancer of Iran’s economy.

The signs of change

Now, the PMOI/MEK spearheads the fight against the despotic regime in Iran. The ruling mullahs are engulfed by crises and are facing popular uprisings, and the lords of appeasement policy are stepping aside, given up hope on this regime.

Although, right now, the Iranian people are grieving for the loss of lives and their belongings in floods disaster, which is also the result of 40 years of mullahs’ treachery and crime targeting the environment, but undoubtedly labeling  Revolutionary Guards, which is the most malign enemy of the Iranian people, as terrorists, is the moment of a great victory, because it contains this plundering organization depriving it of wasting the national wealth on suppression inside the country and terrorism and warmongering abroad.

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