Rally in Brussel in support of uprising and Iranian resistance

Rally in Brussel in support of uprising and Iranian resistance

By Daniel Mahdavi

In the coming weeks, Iranian freedom lovers in Europe and the United States will hold rallies to echo the voices of Iranian people, who have risen against all odds to rid their country of the 40-year tyrannical rule of the mullahs. In the past months, similar events in Warsaw, Paris, Munich and London have been very effective in drawing attention to the plight of the Iranian people and their ongoing protests.

Tehran’s mullahs are in constant fear of the threat of being overthrown by the Iranian people and their resistance movement.

Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is also reeling under huge blow of the terrorist designation of its notorious Revolutionary Guards(IRGC), oil sanctions, and a united global front against its belligerent behavior and terrorist meddling in the affairs of neighboring countries. Just recently, leaders of Arab countries gathered in Mecca and issued a demand to the international community, calling for a firm positon against Tehran’s destabilizing activities in region?

Parallel to the Iranian people’s ongoing protests against poverty, unemployment, corruption and repression of the ruling mullahs, Iranian freedom-lovers will hold a demonstration on Saturday in Shuman square in Brussels. This is the echo of the demands of Iranian people for the overthrow of mullahs’ regime, and the establishment of freedom and democracy in their country.

Rally in Brussel

The demonstration will also call for a firm policy by European countries and International community against mullah’s regime.

The people of Iranian unequivocally expressed their desire to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the mullahs and to create a state that is based on the popular vote. They want a nation that has no place for inequality and injustice, and peacefully coexists with its neighbors and promotes peace in the region. They want a country that is free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destructions.

Saturday will be an opportunity for the Iranian people to let the world know that the mullahs do not represent them.

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