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Live Report: Widespread Boycott of the Mullahs’ Sham Presidential Election by the Iranian People

On Friday, June 18, 2021, the Iranian regime holds its sham presidential election. As expected, this ridiculous election has been faced to the widespread and nationwide boycott by the Iranian people.

According to the reports of the internal network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran(MEK/PMOI) from the polling stations in different cities and regions throughout Iran, the streets of the cities and the polling stations are very empty.

The following videos are just a part of the video reports of the nationwide boycott of the sham elections of the mullah regime by the Iranian people:

Report from Karaj polling station in Iran during the Presidential Election, 2021

Iran presidential election 2021 report from Tehran’s first district shows the election boycott

Locals in Malard are boycotting the Iran presidential elections

PMOI/MEK network: No voters at the polling station in Garmsar. People boycott Iran 2021 election

Video reports from Iran 2021 election shows empty polling stations

Iran’s 2021 presidential election boycott in Shiraz and Ramhormoz

PMOI/MEK network: No voters at the polling station in Garmsar. People boycott Iran 2021 election

Video reports from Iran show polling stations are empty and people have boycotted Iran election 2021

Reports from Tehran, Arak, and Qom shows the Iranian people have boycotted Iran 2021 election

June 18—Isfahan, central Iran, 8:00 am, No voter seen at the Al-Mahdi Mosque polling station, according to a @simayazaditv reporter.

June 18 – Eslamshahr, near Tehran- 10:17 am
One of the city’s main mosques used as a polling station is empty. Only security personnel can be seen.

June 18, 12.45 pm local time, Tehran, Iran
A brave woman filming the deserted polling station says this in front of armed guards:

No, to the Islamic Republic
Death to Khamenei
Death to the dictator
Death to Raisi the Butcher

Polling stations in Iran election are completely empty, according to reporters in Tabriz

Iran regime’s sham election: Many polling stations in Kermanshah are empty

Video report from Shahr-e-Rey shows polling stations are empty during Iran election

Iran opposition coalition NCRI provides an election briefing of reports from cities across the country.

June 18 – Mariwan, W Iran- 1:00 pm
PMOI/MEK website reporter: Polling stations across the city are vacant. People are even offered money for their votes and despite their utter poverty they are turning them down.

Many election polls in Babolsar, Lar, and Shiraz are empty and people boycott the election in Iran

Iran election 2021: The Election poll in the Tollab district of the city of Mashhad is empty

June 18 – Suran, Sistan and Baluchestn province, southeast Iran
Locals protesting the regime’s elections farce by torching a bus used as a mobile polling station.

Report from Iran election in Azna: Polling stations are empty

Sham Election – No. 1

Iran: Rouhani, Khamenei Admit Widespread Boycott

Elections – No. 2

Low Turnout in Iran Sham Election in Different Cities Mobilization of Repressive Forces in Fear of Popular Protests

Elections – No 3

Iran Election: Desperate Efforts To Cover up Record Election Boycott and Extensive Ballot Stuffing Arrangements

Ilam W Iran, June 18: The Voice is from Ilam, western Iran: “There’s no one around. They brought some people to show off to the media. We will free Iran. Hail to Rajavi”

Iran election report from Ardabil: Security forces are everywhere and polling stations are empty

Iran election: Footages from Tehran indicate vast election boycott by the Iranian people

Iranian people make fun of Iran election 2021 boycotting it

Iran Election 2021: Empty Polling Stations Across the Country (Compilation vol.1)

Iran election 2021: Briefing No 2 On The Turnout In The Iran Regime Sham Presidential Election

Updates on the turnout in Iran regimes sham election With Farid Mahoutchi of NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee

Elections – No. 4

Iran Regime Apprehensive Of Unprecedented Election Boycott

Maryam Rajavi: A Historic Congratulation to the Iranian People for the Nationwide Boycott of the Mullahs’ Sham Election.

This was the greatest political and social blow to the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the ruling theocracy.

The boycott proved and showed the world that the Iranian people’s only vote is to overthrow this medieval regime. The nationwide boycott is the groundswell of the martyrs’ sacrifices and is a reflection of the Iranian people’s great campaign for justice.

The religious dictatorship is in a downward spiral and must be swept aside. Emerging out of this sham election will be a regime that is more disgraced, vulnerable, and fragile. It is bound to perpetuate greater crimes with the henchman of the 1988 massacre (Ebrahim Raisi). But, it will certainly be overthrown by the Iranian people’s uprising and the Liberation Army. Freedom and a democratic republic are the Iranian people’s inalienable rights.