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Kevin McCarthy’s Remarks to the Free Iran World Summit 2021- July 10, 2021

Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, addressed at the Free Iran World Summit 2021 on July 10, 2021.

“I’m happy to be with you today to stand in support of a free and democratic Iran.

The oppressive regime in Tehran and its new president has a history of suppressing freedom of speech, supporting terrorism, and seeking nuclear weapons.

To the families who have lost loved ones in opposing this regime, I am sorry for your loss, and I share your concerns.

But I have also hope. Hope that America — along with you and our allies — will see a democratic Iran that protects free speech and the rights of all people.

Hope that the dark days of fear under the Supreme Leader will subside, as Iran blossoms into a responsible democratic nation.

Imagine it. A free Iran.

Thank you for striving to make this goal a reality in our lifetime. Together, it can be done.”