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Valeriu M. Ciucă’s Remarks to the International Conference on the 1988 Massacre — August 27, 2021

Prof. Valeriu M. Ciucă former Member of EU Court of Justice from Romania, addressed at the International Conference on the 1988 Massacre, attended by 1,000 Former Political Prisoners — 27 August 2021.

I am a former civil-military and European Judge, and now University Professor teaching Roman law, comparative private law and philosophy of European law in Romania and other universities of abroad at all levels, license, LLM and PhD studies. I am confirming by this intervention in this honorable panel of the webinar conference concerning the possibilities and the necessity to create an International independent organism and even tribunal for investigation of the 1988 massacre in Iran.

The fact that following a long way of the affirmation of the principle of the imperative of Justice concerning the crimes against humanity, I have signed beside the other colleagues and all special personalities the famous appeal of 3 May 2021 addressed to United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, calling for a commission of inquiry into the 1988 massacre.

I think the Iranian government has to answer any question raising from all the allegations regarding the massacre, starting from the tradition of Roman law principles in procedural law: “He who remains silent, when he is accused, in fact admits the allegations what it junctions.”  In the European continental law, but also in the Islamic law, the Tacitus consensus is still preserved.  

So, to avoid other presumptions, I think it is the time to start this process. I’ve sustained this imprescriptible procedure, even concerning the crimes against humanity, during the 1989, anti-Communist Revolutions. By an article published few years ago in the ancient and important Romania review, Literary Conversations, I’ve sustained even the continuation of a necessary process of communism in the cases similar to Iranian 1988 massacre.

As in the cases of the dangerous corruption, see Afghanistan today, we believe in the imprescriptibly of all crimes against humanity. It is the time for international action because we all we have enough empathy for the victims and their relatives and friends.

Don’t forget, the justice is a universal value, principle, and ideal. It is a unificatory juridical principle to eliminate the privilege of the impunity and public abuse. Thank you and success for all of us.