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Iran freedom is contributed to exposing Iran terrorism and fundamentalism as well as its clandestine nuclear program and interfering in the region.

Iran freedom echoes Iranian people voices for freedom and supports Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the president-elect of the national council of resistance of Iran and her ten-point plan for a free and democratic Iran.

Iran freedom commits to display a view of the expected future that thousands of freedom-lover Iranians seek to achieve it.

Iran freedom represents a huge struggle of Iranian people toward a free, democratic, and peaceful Iran, inside the country and beyond.

Iran freedom also analyses and makes comments on Iran relevant events.

Iran freedom has an extensive network concluded of organizations from five continents.

Thousands of Iranian all over the world believe in democracy and human rights in Iran, which are essential for security in the Middle East, and peace in the world. We hope our network will be a resource for anyone who cares about establishing democracy in Iran, and stability in the Middle East.

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