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Speech by Raha Heshmati khah, Iranian communities’ global conference in 30th anniversary of the 1988 massacre

Speech by Raha Heshmati khah, Iranian communities’ global conference in 30th anniversary of the 1988 massacre

Hello, my name is Raha Heshmatikhah. I’m a university student. I have not seen my motherland. My mother was a student at Tehran University. She was arrested in 1981 and spent three years in prison because of her political and human right activities.

My acquaintance with the PMOI was since my early teen, and I learned that the clerical regime in Iran has suppressed the Iranian people. And since then I have tried to do something for the freedom of my people.  I’m happy that I’m not alone in this path and much other Iranian youth who are studying in various universities and are members of different associations, are with me.

We are active to get rid of this regime and to establish a free and democratic Iran. And I am happy to be given this opportunity to talk to you on behalf of them.

Thirty years ago in the summer of 1988, 30.000 Iranian youth, who many of them were in the same age of mine or even younger, after the trails which lasted only a few minutes were executed only because of their belief in freedom.

Then they were buried in mass graves, the families didn’t know the graves of their loved ones and still, no independent inquiry has taken place. the Iranian resistance efforts under the leadership of sister Maryam Rajavi led to some international community to get to know, and others like Amnesty International to address this issue but what we want is not only do to condemn these crimes against humanity but bring the perpetrators to the international court and we will not  rest until this objective is realized, and the mullahs should know that no matter how much more they execute or torture people, they cannot remain in power and the uprising across the country is continuing and this is really the roots of these uprisings and those who sacrifice their lives and their the resistance units   have expanded .

This uprising and protest will continue until overthrow this regime. in such circumstances that the apparatus of terror and killing of the mullahs regime is becoming more active even outside Iran and the mullahs regime their terrorist diplomat has taken advantage of their Diplomatic situation, they try to Assassinate the of members of the resistance, considering the arrest of the Assadollah Assadi the diplomat of the regime in Germany and also the agents of the ministry of intelligent in Belgium who were carrying the bomb. The European Governments must condemn the mullah’s terrorism and their Embassies of spying must be shut down.

And in the end I want to say, the dream of myself and many other youths is to see a free Iran under the leadership of our dear sister Maryam Rajavi. We will continue with our struggle and I say hail to the martyrs and I commend the resistance units across the country.

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