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International rallies by the NCRI and PMOI/MEK supporters in solidarity with Iran protests

International rallies by the NCRI and PMOI/MEK supporters in solidarity with Iran protests

As it was previously announced, Iranians, supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) gathered in the United States, England, Sweden and other countries in Europe, marking the anniversary of anti-monarchic 1979 revolution and in support of Iran Protests.  

NCRI and PMOI/MEK supporters voiced their support  for the call made by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, NCRI’s president-elect, on the international community to recognize the reality that the religious fascism ruling Iran does not represent the Iranian people and recognize the Iranian people’s right to overthrow this regime.   

Demonstrators in Washington D.C., London and Stockholm also paid tribute to over 1500 martyrs of the nationwide Iran protests, as well as 176 victims of the Ukrainian airplane, downed by the regime’s Revolutionary Guards.

Mrs. Rajavi addressed these rallies via video messages.

In a video message to the rally in Sweden Mrs. Rajavi said: “Your gathering and rally today in Stockholm is a clear testament to the Iranian people’s relentless resolve to achieve freedom and to overthrow the inhuman clerical regime.” 

“Indeed, after 40 years of the mullahs’ rule, we are confronted with a country whose soil is destroyed, its air is polluted, its forests have been devastated, its lakes, ponds, and rivers have been dried and its environment destroyed,” she added.  

“After 40 years of the mullahs’ rule, Iranian people are vulnerable in the face of floods & earthquakes, victims of road crashes, distressed by poverty, forced to sell body parts and humiliated by unemployment, and drug addiction,” Mrs. Rajavi told the NCRI and PMOI/MEK supporters at the rally in Sweden.

“The Iranian people’s sovereignty cannot be usurped. This is the Iranian people’s right for which they have fought and paid the ultimate price, and they will certainly achieve it.” 

In London, the Anglo-Iranians and the NCRI and PMOI/MEK supporters held a major rally at the Trafalgar square. This rally was also attended by several British Lawmakers.

Dr. Matthew Offord, Conservative MP for Hendon and a leading member of the British Committee for Iran Freedom said: “The wave of popular protests across Iran that the world has witnessed for the last two years, which senior officials of the regime including the Supreme Leader admit are organized by the main Iranian opposition, the PMOI/MEK, and their resistance units show that the Iranian people assisted by their pro-democracy opposition are determined to take back their country and the 1979 anti-monarchic revolution that the mullahs hijacked 41 years ago.

Mr. Mark Williams, former Liberal Democrat MP, also delivered a speech at the NCRI and PMOI/MEK supporters’ rally in London. He said: “Since the clerical regime usurped power in Iran four decades ago, it has turned the country into a large prison for the 80 million Iranians who dreamt of a better future. With their recent protests targeting the Supreme Leader and the regime in its entirety, the Iranian people are rejecting the theocratic rule in Iran, its domestic repression and its destabilizing role in the Middle East. The continuation of the protests is a validation of NCRI’s call for a democratic change in Iran by the people of Iran and a testament to the people’s determination to bring about this change and the UK Government must recognize this reality and back this popular quest for a free and democratic Iran.

The Iranian’s at the Rally in Sweden received messages of solidarity by several Swedish parliamentarians send solidarity. Mr. Paulo Casaca former member of the European Member P, and Director of SADF, South Asia Democratic Forum, and Mr. Parviz Khazai, representative of the NCRI in Nordic countries were among the speakers of the rally.  

In Washington, a large number of the Iranian Americans, gathered outside the White House and expressed their support of the Iran protests and their risen compatriots.

The former Congressman Ted Poe and Col. Wesley Martin, former US army senior anti-terrorism officer in Iraq, and Ms. Soona Samsami, representative of the NCRI in the United States were among the speakers.

“We are witnessing Citizens of Middle East are finally coming out to protest against Iran’s interference in their country: IRGC and Qassem Soleimoni was responsible for scores of attacks on US interests including 600 Americans servicemen.” Said Col. Martin. 

Ms. Samsami told the NCRI and PMOI/MEK supporter at the rally that “We believe all Iranians are born free and equal. They deserve freedom, democracy and the right to freely elect their government but dictators be it Monarchs like the Shah or Mullahs believe otherwise… We have made a pledge to overthrow this regime and return to our people their rights and freedoms, a pluralistic government where the people and ballot box rules”

In Canada, Toronto, MEK and the NCRI’s supporters organized a rally, asking the international community to hold Iran’s regime accountable for its criminal acts and to stand with Iranian people. 

In their demonstrations, the Iranian communities, throughout Europe, and in the US and Canada called on the international community, in particular the UK and the European Union, to condemn the clerical regime for its countless crimes and to stand with the Iranian people and their desire for the establishment of a pluralistic and democratic government.