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Senator Joe Lieberman: Iran’s Regime Executed 30,000 Prisoners Because They Were MEK Members

Senator Joe Lieberman
Senator Joe Lieberman

Washington, D.C., October 28, 2021—Senator Joe Lieberman joined the 2021 Free Iran Summit. Senator Lieberman Talked about the 1988 massacre in Iran. The massacre was carried out under the overseen of the Iranian regime’s current president, Ebrahim Raisi.

“The Iranian regime has executed 30,000 of God’s children in 1988 only because they were members of the MEK. We are proud to be standing in their memory today, and we will fight until we achieve our goal.

Instead of occupying the office of the president of a great country like Iran, Raisi should be arrested, taken to The Hague, and put on trial for crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide,” he said.

Senator Joe Lieberman in the 2021 Free Iran Summit - October 28, 2021
Senator Joe Lieberman in the 2021 Free Iran Summit — October 28, 2021

Joe Lieberman: Iran’s Ayatollahs Are the Greatest Threat to the U.S.

Senator Lieberman underlined the Iranian regime’s threat to the world. “The greatest threat that the United States faces today is from the regime in Tehran.

It has enabled aggression and subversion in the region, and is bringing untold suffering and death to the people of Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and of course in Iran,” he said.

Read more: https://english.mojahedin.org/i/free-iran-summit-2021-washington-dc-mike-pence-20211029

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