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Global Solidarity With the Free Iran World Summit 2022

Global Solidarity With the Free Iran World Summit 2022

More than 100 parliamentary committees of Friends of Free Iran and organizations, unions, syndicates, associations, and prominent political, legal, and religious figures from 5 continents announced their solidarity with the Free Iran World Summit 2022.

The text of this statement and the names of committees, associations, and personalities are as follows:

For 40 years the Iranian people have been held hostage by an extremist regime which has destroyed Iran’s natural resources, its social fabric, rich culture, temperate environment, and its economic potential. It has suppressed dissent and responded to their protests with state-sanctioned violence, imprisonment, torture, and executions. The regime holds the world record for executions, particularly of women and youth.
The current president of the regime, Ebrahim Raisi, is one of the main perpetrators of the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners. Hundreds of current and former UN officials, legal and human rights experts and international NGOs have written an open letter to the UN Human Rights Council calling for an international investigation into the 1988 massacre.
Since 2018, eight major protests for democratic change in Iran have been brutally suppressed (Amnesty International Report, 2021). In November 2019, more than 1,500 protesters, mostly young men, and women, were shot dead in the streets.
The Iranian people, especially the younger generation, are fighting for freedom. They have been deprived of their fundamental freedoms, for which reason they rejected monarchic dictatorship and are opposing religious tyranny. Iran is on the verge of a major change. After 100 years of struggle against dictatorship, the Iranian people want a free, democratic Iran, a Republic based on free elections and the rejection of any dictatorship.
Every year, tens of thousands of Iranians and hundreds of international personalities from all over the world gather to be the voice of a nation that is resisting. The participants condemn the religious dictatorship and express their support for a free Iran and the opposition’s 10-point program for a secular, non-nuclear republic, gender equality, end to discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities, and respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international conventions on political freedom.
The Global Summit for a Free Iran will be held this year on 23 July 2022.
The Iranian people have the right to resist the regime for freedom. We call on our governments to stand with the Iranian people and their resistance, on the right side of history, and to recognize their right to freedom. (A 2 MN clip on 40 years tyranny in Iran and the Global Summit)
We express our solidarity with the Global Summit for a Free Iran and its democratic goals. 

Parliamentary Committees:

British Committee For Iran Freedom (BCFIF); International Committee of Parliamentarians for a Democratic Iran (ICPDI); Le Comité Parlementaire pour un Iran Démocratique (CPID); European Parliament Friends of a Free Iran (FoFI); Comitato dei Senatori Italiani per un Iran Democratico; Friends of a Free Iran & Against Fundamentalism (Fofiaf); Interntional Committee in Search of Justice; Comité Suisse pour la Démocratie et laïcité en Iran; Swiss Committee for

Democracy and Secularism in Iran; Comitetul Parlamentarilor Romani Pentru Iranul Liber; Le Comité Français pour un Iran Démocratiqu (CFID); Comitato italiano di parlamentari e cittadini per Iran Libero; Australian Supporters of Democracy in Iran; The Dutch Group of Friends of a Free Iran; Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran (CFDI); Comité Belge des Parlementaires et Bourgmestres pour un Iran Démocratique

Trade Unions:

Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro ( CGIL ); Confedratia Nationala Sindicala ‘Cartel ALFA’; Sydney Alliance; 3F-Aarhus Rymarken; 3F-Transport, Logistik & Byg; Dansk Metal Østjylland; Teknisk Landsforbund; Dansk El-Forbund; Malernes Fagforening Øst/Vest

NGOs and Towns:

Partito Radicale Nonviolento Transnazionale Transpartito – Torino – Italia; Italian Federation for Human Rights (FIDU); Nessuno Tocchi Caino; Nouveaux Droits l’Homme; Edmund Rice Centre; Fondation Danielle Mitterrand – France Libertés; Sydney Peace Foundation; European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA); Pax Christi Australia; WHRIA (Women’s human rights International association); A.P.A.D.A.R (Asociatia Pentru Apararea Drepturilor Apatrizilor si Refugiatilor); Global Committee for the Rule of Law-Marco Pannella; Les femmes, la force du changement; Alliance to Renew Co­operation among Humankind (ARCHumankind); Comité de Soutien aux droits de l’homme en Iran (CSDHI); Sutherland Shire Refugee Connection; Mums 4 refugees; Pacific calling partnership; Associazione Nazionale Partigiani Italiani -Cuneo; Grace Church Canberra; ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTION OF DEMOCRACY AND RESPECT OF HUMAN RIGHTS;

ASOCIATIA JUDETEANA PROTECTIE SOCIALA ” RAZA DE LUNA “; Circolo Culturale, Centro Studi Il Ragno – Italia; Iraq National Package; National Center for Legal and Judicial Research and Studies; Gerard Noodt Foundation for Freedom of Religion or Belief; Asociatia Casa Artelor Iranului Libera (CASA AIL); COMUNITATEA “SIRIA LIBERA” DIN ROMANIA; Archivescovo della Chiesa Cattolica – Urbino – Italia; Comune di Caselette – Italia; Comune di Cavagnolo; Comune di Brandizzo; Comune di Foglizzo; Comune di Gassino Torinese; Comune di Lauriano; Comune di San Sabastiano da po; Comune di Boves; Comune di Brusasco; Comune di Casalborgone; Comune di Brozolo; Comune di Castagneto po; Comune di Verrua Savoia; Comune di Monteu da Po; Comune di Borgo San Dalmazzo; Comune di Urbino; Conmune di DUSINO SAN MICHELE ; COMUNE DI VILLANOVA D’ASTI; COMUNE DI SAN PAOLO SOLBRITO; COMUNE DI BUTTIGLIERA

D’ASTI; COMUNE DI MONTAFIA; COMUNE DI SAN MARTINO ALFIERI; Comune di Fermignano – Italia; Comune di Borgo pace; Comune di Mercatello sul Metauro ; Comune di Montecalvo in Foglia; Comune di Peglio; Comune di Petriano; Comune di Piobbico; Comune di Sant’Angelo in vado; Comune di Urbania; Comune di Mesagne; Comune di Castelnuovo di porto; Mairie d’Ors; Mairie de Moussy-le-Vieux; Mairie de Soultz-les-Bains; Comité des maires de France pour un Iran démocratique; SIRIENII LIBERI; Comité Amitié Franco-Iranienne; Rev Bill Crews Foundation; MB Think Tank; Guernica 37 Chambers; West African Human Rights Defenders Network; 1000 ETOILES POUR LA LIBERTE; European center for women and anti-violence; World Without Genocide at Mitchell Hamline School of law; ADCALI, association pour la diffusion de la culture, de l’art et de la littérature de l’Iran; La Ligue marocaine pour la citoyenneté et les droits de l’homme Au statut consultatif auprès des Nations Unies, ORGANIZATION HUMANITARIAN TRUTH; “Femmes en Luth, citoyennes à part entire Odile Schwertz-Favrat; Women’s center against violence; Espace Afrique International; Human Rights and Citizenship Party; Association Message;

Partial list of supportive parliamentarians & dignitaries:

ISJ – International Committee in Search of Justice

  1. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice-president of the European Parliament (1999 – 2014), ISJ President
  2. Ambassador Giulio Terzi, former foreign minister of Italy (2011-2013)
  3. Struan Stevenson, former MEP-President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq (2009 – 2014)
  4. Paulo Casaca, former MEP-former Chair of European Parliament’s delegation for relations with the
    NATO Parliamentary Assembly
    United Kingdom:
  5. The Rt Hon. the Baroness Boothroyd OM, former Speaker of the House of Commons
  6. Rt Hon John Spellar MP, former Minister
  7. The Baroness Verma, former Baroness in Waiting (HM Household) (Whip) and Parliamentary Under Secretary (Department for International Development)
  8. The Lord Alton, Prof. Lord Alton of Liverpool
  9. Rt Hon David Jones MP, former Secretary of State
  10. The Baroness Harris of Richmond DL, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords
  11. Lord Alex Carlile QC
  12. The Rt Hon. the Lord Dholakia OBE DL, Co-Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Peers and former Party Chair
  13. The Rt Rev. the Lord Harries of Pentregarth DD, former Bishop of Oxford
  14. The Lord Singh of Wimbledon CBE, member of Joint Committee on Human Rights
  15. The Lord McInnes of Kilwinning CBE, Director of Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party
  16. The Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE, former Labour Party chairman
  17. The Baroness Masham of Ilton DL
  18. The Baroness Redfern
  19. The Lord Inglewood MRICS
  20. The Lord Roberts of Llandudno
  21. The Lord Turnberg
  22. The Lord Cotter
  23. Rt Hon Sir Roger Gale MP, former Vice-Chair of the Conservative Party
  24. Steve McCabe MP, former Shadow Minister, and Opposition Whip
  25. Bob Blackman MP
  26. Martin Vickers MP
  27. Dr Matthew Offord MP
  28. John Cryer MP
  29. Ian Mearns MP
  30. Jim Shannon MP
  31. Alain VIVIEN, former Minister
  32. Alain VIDALIS, former Minister
  34. Bertrand PANCHER MP
  35. Brahim HAMMOUCHE MP
  36. Yannick FAVENNEC MP
  37. Philippe GOSSELIN MP
  38. Constance LE GRIP MP
  39. Éric DIARD MP
  40. François PUPPONI MP
  41. Frédéric REISS MP
  42. Hervé SAULIGNAC MP
  43. Hubert WULFRANC MP
  44. Jean-Michel CLEMENT MP
  45. Nadia ESSAYAN MP
  46. Pierre-Yves BOURNAZEL MP
  47. Yannick FAVENNEC MP
  48. Alain NERI, former Senator
  49. Jean-Pierre BRARD, former MP
  50. François Colcombet, former MP
  51. Michèle de VAUCOULEURS, former MP
  52. Jacques Boutault, former Mayor & MP
  53. Guy Schmitt, Mayor
  54. Bruno Macé, Mayor
  55. Jacky Duminy, Mayor
  56. Jean-François Legaret, former mayor
  57. Yves BONNET, former director of DST
  58. Gilbert MITTERRAND, Chair of Danielle Mitterrand foundation
  59. Senator Roberto Rampi
  60. Hon. Stefania Pezzopane MP
  61. Hon. Antonio Tasso MP
  62. On. Elisabetta Zamparutti, former MP
  63. On. Carlo Ciccioli, former MP
  64. Dr. Antonio Stango
  65. Cristina Belpassi, Mayor
  66. Donatella Paganelli, Mayor
  67. Francesco Cavallero, Mayor
  68. Giovanni De Michelis, Mayor
  69. Luca Panetta, Mayor
  70. Mauro Giuseppe Castelli, Mayor
  71. Paolo Bodoni, Mayor
  72. Ricardo Travaglini, Mayor
  73. Toni Matarrelli, Mayor
  74. Roberto Rossini, Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro ( CGIL )
  75. Hermann-Josef Scharf, Deputy Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party of Saarland
  76. Martin Patzelt, former MP
  77. Senator Mark Demaesmaker
  78. Dirk Claes, former Senator
  79. Pierre Galand, former Senator, chairman of OMCT – Europe
  80. Serge de Patoul, former MP
    Nordic Countries:
  81. Geir H. Haarde, former Prime Minister of Iceland
  82. Jan-Erik Enestam, former Minister of Defense – Finland
  83. Kimmo Sasi, former minister of Europe and Foreign Trade – Finland
  84. Edvard Julius Solnes, former Minister of Environment – Iceland
  85. Lars Rise, former MP from Norway
  86. Stefan Gudsteinson, former MP from Iceland
  87. Laurence Fehlmann-Rielle, federal MP
  88. Pagani Remy, Geneva MP
  89. Eric Voruz, former MP
  90. Jean-charles Rielle, Geneva MP
  91. Nils de Dardel, prominent lawyer
    The Netherlands:
  92. Prof. Henk de Haan, former MP, chair of the foreign committee


  1. Marcin Swiecicki, former Minister
  2. Ryszard Kalisz, former minister of internal affairs and administration
  3. Audronius Ažubalis, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania (2010 – 2012), current Member of the Parliament


  1. Romeo Nicoara, former MP
  2. Maria Grecea, former MP
  3. Maria Eugenia Barna, former MP
  4. Mihai Deaconu, former MP
  5. Andreu Gerea, former MP
  6. Liviu Titus Pasca, former Senator
  7. Francis Zammit Dimech, former Foreign Minister of Malta


  1. Petre Stirbate, former MP
  2. Sergiu Ceaus, former MP
  3. Tony Clement, former Minister of Canada
  4. Judy Sgro, former Minister of Canada


  1. Dr. Meredith Burgmann, former President of NSW Parliament House
  2. Penny Sharpe MLC MP, Leader of the opposition in the legislative council & Shadow Minister of Environment
  3. Anna Watson MP
  4. Lynda Voltz MP
  5. Sonia Hornery MLA MP
  6. Claire Moore MP
  7. Bruce Childs, former Senator
  8. Doug Cameron, former Senator
  9. Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, former MP
  10. Don Nardella, former MP
  11. Sylvia Hale, former MP
  12. Rev Brian Medway, National President of CrossLink Christian Network Australia
  13. Father Claude Mostowik, National President of Pax Christi Australia
  14. Phil Glendenning, Director of Edmund Rice Center

Parliamentarian Committees for a Free Iran:

• British Committee for Iran Freedom (BCFIF)
• International Committee of Parliamentarians for a Democratic Iran (ICPDI)
• European Parliament Friends of a Free Iran (FoFI)
• Le Comité français pour un Iran démocratique (CFID)
• Comitato dei Senatori Italiani per un Iran Democratico
• Comitato italiano di parlamentari e cittadini per Iran Libero
• Deutsches Solidaritätskomitee für einen freien Iran (DSFI)
• Comité Belge des Parlementaires et Bourgmestres pour un Iran Démocratique
• Comité suisse pour la démocratie et laïcité en Iran
• Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran (CFDI)
• Australian Supporters of Democracy in Iran
• Friends of a Free Iran & Against Fundamentalism (Nordic)
• Comitetul Parlamentarilor Romani Pentru Iranul Liber
• The Dutch Group of Friends of a Free Iran