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Four Days of Protests, Iranians’ Struggle Against Injustice Isn’t Over Yet

Despite the Belgian Chamber's Foreign Relations Committee's vote for a disgraceful deal with Tehran, Iranians continue the struggle against injustice.
Despite the Belgian Chamber’s Foreign Relations Committee’s vote for a disgraceful deal with Tehran, Iranians continue the struggle against injustice.

Since July 4, freedom-loving Iranians held several protest rallies in various European states, the United States, and Canada. They tirelessly voiced their condemnation against the Belgian government’s disgraceful deal with the mullahs’ regime to release the convicted terrorist-diplomat Assadollah Assadi. Iranians believe that this is an apparent injustice, and they would continue to struggle, never remaining silent.


In the past four days, supporters of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) continued protests in Brussels—in front of the Prime Minister Alexander De Croo’s office, Berlin, Munich, Oslo, Zurich, Stockholm, London, Ottawa, and Gothenburg. Freedom-loving Iranians also rallied across the United States, calling on representatives and senators to denounce the shameful deal with Tehran.

Meanwhile, many dignitary politicians, lawmakers, jurists, and scientists denounced the shameful deal between Brussels and Tehran. A bipartisan group of U.S. representatives warned Belgian MPs that the deal will turn Belgium into a “nest for terrorist.”

The Belgian government pushed the “Treaty” through the Foreign Relations Committee to ensure the release of Assadi on July 6. The 150-member Chamber of Representatives would discuss the “Treaty” on next Thursday.

Belgian MPs Submitted the Deal to the Chamber, But the Struggle Continue

Following the deal approval, several Belgian MPs expressed their fury over pleasing the terror regime in Iran. “Black day for Belgium. Undermining our security to give in to blackmail from the Ayatollahs,” wrote Foreign Relations Committee member Darya Safai on Twitter. “This deal makes Belgium a safe haven for terrorists. The government should be ashamed.”

The regime’s propaganda and its lobbies claim that the deal has been closed and the opposition’s further efforts are futile. However, in its July 6 statement, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) declared:

The Bill supporting terrorism and betraying democracy and human rights was ratified by the Belgian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee with 10 votes in favor by the government coalition, one abstention, and five votes against.
It paved the way for its referral to the Parliament’s plenary session for final approval and enactment.
As the first victim of terrorism, executions, and massacre, the Iranian Resistance will undertake all legal and political measures.

Read the full statement here.

In this context, MEK supporters continued protest rallies in various cities on July 7. “Shame on the Belgian government,” protesters chant in Brussels and Stockholm.


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