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Linda Chavez, Former Director of White House Office of Public Liaison, Addresses the Free Iran 2022

Linda Chavez, Former Director of White House Office of Public Liaison
Linda Chavez, Former Director of White House Office of Public Liaison

Excerpts of the speech of Linda Chavez, Former Director of White House Office of Public Liaison, at the Free Iran 2022, is as follows:

Thank you so much. It is such a pleasure to be with you here in Ashraf-3. And as I look out over the faces, I see many of my colleagues from the United States and from other countries who have supported Madame Rajavi and the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom. It’s great to be here in person. I was not with you in 2019 for health reasons, but I was here in Paris in 2018.

And I remember the feeling of joy. There were literally tens of thousands of people gathered outside of Paris, all of them there to give support to the PMOI, to the Resistance, to the Iranian mullahs and to speak for freedom. And I left that meeting feeling a sense of exuberance.

And I think it was on my way back to the United States that I learned that we had all been in terrible peril in 2018 because the mullahs in Iran had dispersed killers to try to disrupt the 2018 Conference, to try to assassinate Madame Rajavi. They were unsuccessful.

They were apprehended. Unfortunately, as we know, even though they have been sentenced, those would be killers. They may go free if the Belgians give in to the Iranians and turn back those killers to Iran.

And I think about what a dangerous world we live in and how much more dangerous it has become since 2018. Who would have thought when we were together four years ago, that there would be a war on European soil and that people would be dying by the thousands, they would be being murdered.

When those would be bombers tried to bomb the event in France in 2018, they were going to try to shed blood. They were going to try to wreak terror. They were going to try to kill. And they could have killed people had they been successful. But one thing they could not kill was the love of freedom and the desire for democracy.

They cannot kill that. We will not let them kill that. And Madam Rajavi is the one person who can help the people of Iran to realize their own dreams for freedom.

This is a very impressive place, camp Ashraf – 3. It is a place that gives all of us hope. And I was so impressed as I was driving in with my son. We were looking at the buildings and marveling, how could this happen in just a matter of a couple of years?

We have these incredible structures. We have all of these people that have created not just buildings of utilitarian purpose, but buildings of great beauty. And I thought to myself, when Madame Rajavi goes to Tehran, when she is elected by the free people of Iran as the President of Iran, she will bring all of you with her to help rebuild Tehran.

We need to stand firm. We need to stand up for our values. Democracy is a very precious thing, but it is also a very fragile thing. We in the United States have always prided ourselves on being the oldest democracy in the world. But even we have seen how fragile that democracy is.

We cannot let the free people of Iran have their freedom quashed any longer. And so I call on all of you, stand with Madame Rajavi. Stand with the people of Iran. And the next time we meet, I hope it’s not here in Ashraf, as beautiful as it is. I want to see Ashraf-4 in downtown Tehran.