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Anatol Șalaru, Former Minister of Transport and Roads Infrastructure of Moldova, Addresses the Free Iran 2022

Anatol Șalaru, Former Minister of Transport and Roads Infrastructure of Moldova
Anatol Șalaru, Former Minister of Transport and Roads Infrastructure of Moldova

Excerpts of the speech of Anatol Șalaru, Former Minister of Transport and Roads Infrastructure of Moldova, at the Free Iran 2022, is as follows:

Dear Madame President Maryam Rajavi, ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor for me to be with you today and especially to be with those who help sacrifice themselves for Iran’s democratization.

I am also extremely happy to have the chance to make a small contribution to the fight you are waging for freedom, justice and above all, respect for human rights in Iran, which is today occupied by a theocratic regime that has brought its own citizens to the ethnics. I am know very well what fight tyranny means.

Another reason is to be proud to stand alongside you, former political prisoners in Iran who have sacrificed themselves for these three-value freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Today, the international system is profoundly dynamic and unstable, and we don’t know what tomorrow’s world will look like.

Unfortunately, Iran’s current leadership has chosen to be on the dark side of the world, has choice to subjugate its own people, has chosen to torture its own citizens in total violation of human rights we are witnessing today your great country of over 80 million people has been turned by the current leadership into a state of instability far from the international system.

Iran has become a country that threatens world security, undermines peace in the Middle East, and is one on its way to becoming a nuclear terrorist state that threatens world peace. I know from my own experience that the fight for democracy and freedom is not easy. I also know that you stay in courage, led by President Rajavi, have a duty to restore normality and make Iran a democracy and a predictable state that adds value to the civilized world.

Dear friends, your country is under dictatorship and the Ten Points program promoted by President Maryam Rajavi is designed to concretely revive tyranny that today subjugates tens of millions of citizens.

I believe that the west, led by the United States, must strongly support the Iranian resistance and your efforts for democratic Iran. This is not only for the benefit of the Iranian people, but for the whole world. A state ruled by a criminal like Ebrahim Raisi should not be negotiated with. And those involved in terrorist attacks like Assadollah Assadi should serve the sentence not sent to Iran as a hero of the theocratic regime. Madame President Maryam Rajavi, together with your comrades in the whole today and with millions of Iranians who support you, you have the responsibility to win and to bring Iran back in the ranks of civilized country.

We wish to see a non-nuclear Iran, democracy, and a rich and amazing culture, not terrorism and Iran respect human rights and promotes freedom and Iran of tomorrow’s world. I wish access and God bless Iran and the Iranian people. Thank you.

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