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Els Ampe, Member of the Senate of Belgium, Addresses the Free Iran 2022

Senator Els Ampe, From Belgium
Senator Els Ampe, From Belgium

Excerpts of the speech of Els Ampe, Member of the Senate of Belgium, at the Free Iran 2022, is as follows:

Dear Iranian people, you have 50 years of resistance. I admire you. I admire your courage. Khamenei, If you are listening, courage cannot be silenced.

I am sure that when you do resistance, tell people that you are fighting for freedom and democracy, and you want to get rid of the Iranian dictator. That some people say they’re septic, and they believe it is impossible. But, you know, these are the same people that thought it’s impossible for Ukrainians to resist five months of Russian invasion, and they did. They resisted successful people. They make the impossible possible. You can and you must!

We must know that dictatorships always make people poor, afraid and that they kill relatives, they break up families. I know that you may consider this a small step, but great leaps start with small steps.

Today I visited the House of Leaves. It was a hospital turned into a torture house by the former dictator of Albania. And for 44 years, the resistance continued to resist this dictatorship in Albania, and they prevailed. And I am sure that the Iranian resistance will prevail, too.

And I’m sure that you will be remembered as heroes, and every small action of resistance will be remembered grandly.

Khamenei, every dictatorship has an expiration date, and your expiration date is nearing. Thank you.