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John Perry, Former Irish Minister of State, Addresses the Free Iran 2022

John Perry, Minister of State from 2011 to 2014
John Perry, Minister of State from 2011 to 2014

Excerpts of the speech of John Perry, Minister of State from 2011 to 2014, at the Free Iran 2022, is as follows:

Madame Rajavi, Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, I’m very honored to be here today and to have listened very attentively to all of the previous distinguished speakers who saw clearly illustrated at the major challenges that are taking place in Iran.

I believe that the time has come for straight talk election. And I think that the level of appeasement that has taken place throughout Europe and America, it has been quite appalling. When you visit Ashraf and see the 30,000 victims who are in this fantastic museum, I think their legacy and their memories, it should be in her posterity and that their lives will not have been lost in vain.

I think, most important, that the PMOI have done a fantastic job during very challenging times in the last two and a half years in the Covid Pandemic, when the extraordinary work of the PMOI with the Zoom Conferences were a fantastic achievement. And equally, I think that the time for appeasement within Europe failed. We need a straight talk. We certainly need straight talk from Europe. We need action.

We need action. And we really need that, all of the Iranian embassies right around Europe. It should be certainly challenged. With regards to the challenges that have taken place in the Iran currently. I think it’s very important that we’re all here as very distinguished members and former members.

I think the time has come when we must be more decisive within parameters. I’ve been at many events here at the moment, a huge admiration for the President-elect elect, Madame Rajavi, and I think it’s important that the ten point plan.

But it’s equally important that when you look at the conflict that’s taking place currently in Iran at the moment, and you see the video feed is coming from Iran, the massive empowerment of the people, I think we must give leadership and equally, where we can act in solidarity, I think we must give a very tangible support in our own home countries.

I’m quite certain that with the support of all of the permissions across Europe and outside of Europe, that we can bring change. And finally, I think the time of bringing to justice the Raisi is outrageous.

To think when you see a photograph up here in this museum and to see that he was one of the chief executors, that he’s now a president of Iran. It is an appalling situation, and it’s all about freedom of expression, freedom of for the people of Iran. And most importantly, in every photograph, in every picture that we witnessed here in this museum tells a fantastic story. And it’s for their legacy that we must ensure. To come here is fantastic to get the wonderful hospitality.

And I would like to congratulate indeed the wonderful workers within the PMOI who gave her their time voluntary. I know they were very successful in the UK. And I look forward to assure you that Ireland will stand with you whenever the challenges will come. And be assured, I’m quite certain we will all see in the time when all those tyrants come to an end. It’s only a matter of when.

And I think that freedom will prevail in Iran. And I certainly hope that I will be alive. And all of you, we will meet together with Madame Rajavi in Tehran, Iran, and to ensure that democracy rules once again. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listen to me, thank you.

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