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Prominent Figures From the Nordic Countries Address the Free Iran 2022

Prominent Figures From the Nordic Countries Address the Free Iran 2022

Excerpts of the speeches of the Prominent Figures From the Nordic, at the Free Iran 2022 are as follows:

Lars Rise, Former Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Norway

Madame Rajavi, Ladies and gentlemen, all friends in Ashraf, it’s great to be here, and we are together here from the Nordic countries. We stand united with you. Former Prime Minister Geir Haarde from Iceland and former minister of both trade and European integration, from Finland, Kimmo Sasi and Stefan Goodmanstone, from Iceland, my colleague from the Norwegian Parliament, former Vice President Marit Nybakk.

So, we are very proud to be here with friends in Ashraf and that we can stand united with you, the democratic opposition of Iran, which is MEK. And we have seen Massoud Rajavi, Maryam Rajavi and all the other heroes who stand in a line with history when we are standing on the right side of history with you.

I’m always proud to say that I’m a member of MEK. I’m honored to be part of this movement. And history has shown that a dictatorship like the Iranian regime cannot lost. What we have seen in the last days of the regime shows desperation. It shows that the panic that I feel now.

But we are happy that MEK is ready to start to build democracy and the rule of law and religious freedom, political freedom in a new Iran. But it takes a lot of hard work. And we know, for instance, Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years.

It took William Will be forced 37 years to get rid of the slavery, to abolish slavery in the British Empire. Now, we know that the MEK veterans, they have been fighting for more than 40 years.

So, we are speaking about an enormous amount of perseverance. But we also heard Maryam Rajavi speak about love. So, these two very important values that we have seen, and you have all of your great role models for perseverance and love, I think that is what will conquer the present regime.

And I’m getting emotional when I think about my first visit to Ashraf. Ashraf 1, then we have Ashraf 2, and now Ashraf-3.

It’s actually like a very long-distance marathon where we now have come hopefully to the last distance, right before we see the goal. And we can shout together Azadi, Azadi (Freedom).

Geir Haarde, Former Prime Minister of Iceland

Thank you very much, dear Madame Rajavi, dear friends. It’s wonderful to be back and see Ashraf 3 with my own eyes. And the fight continues, like other people have said here this evening, the fight continues, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

And as we approach that light, we have the ten-point program that was created some years ago but has withstood the test of time.

And why is that? It’s because it’s based on fundamental principles and values. It’s an idea that most of us who live in democracies aspire to and espouse. It’s the idea that people and people can control themselves. It’s called democracy.

And that’s what we want for Iran, and the sooner, the better. Thank you.

Kimmo Sasi, Former Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland

Madame Rajavi, dear friends. Iranian dictatorship is responsible for murder of 120,000 Iranians ….

Today, the international community cannot any more tolerate crimes against humanity. International community will guarantee that these people will be persecuted. We guarantee, yes.

But now we have a landmark case from a Stockholm court in Sweden. The court sentence for life a person who was responsible for attending in the 1988 genocide. A landmark case. But the misfortune of the Iranian government is also that the government is afraid of opposition.

Iranian diplomats tried to place a bomb in the conference we had in Paris. The man failed. He was caught and was sentenced for life. I can guarantee that we will fight that this person stays in prison and stays for his whole life.

And I have a message to send to Iran. A lot of demonstrations all the time. There are different opinions. But remember in Iran, crimes against humanity will be punished.

Dear friends, when I see your commitment and your enthusiasm here, I indeed trust the change is coming very soon.

We’ll see. Iran is free. Iranian people will take the power in their country in their own hands. Good luck. We’ll fight.

Ase Maria Kleveland, Former Minister of Culture of Norway

Your Excellencies, dignitaries, and parliamentarians, ladies and gentlemen, It is a great pleasure and honor to be invited here today with representatives from five continents.

This summit is gathered to voice the Iranian people’s strong desire to be free and to live in dignity and in security.

On the 8th of March this year, on Women’s Day, I attended a conference in Berlin about the situation in Iran. I noticed that the leader of the Iranian opposition, Mrs. Rajavi, dedicated this day to the resistance of Ukrainian women, all these women who are fighting for their country’s independence.

It is precious indeed to see a woman who has been leading a resistance for almost 40 years, not hesitate to highlight the women of another country who are resisting for freedom too.

As we know that the Iranian regime supports Russia in its aggression against Ukraine and has sent proxy forces to fight in Ukraine.

As in Norway, we resisted Nazism during the second world war; the Iranian people are fighting religious fascism and striving for democracy. In the ongoing protests in Iran every day, people reject dictatorship, and be it from the shah or the mullahs. They are demanding democracy and a republic.

Mrs. Rajavi, in her 10-point plan, devotes a point to the equality of women and men in future Iran, insisting on their equal participation in political leadership. This holds great promise for the Iranian people.

In a regime where inquisition and censorship are the law, where women are excluded from cultural life and forbidden to perform in public, Mrs. Rajavi has opened the doors of resistance to culture and music.  And this is important: music and culture, those expressions, they can be some of the strongest weapons in a struggle like this.

Many artists and musicians have joined the movement, such as the great Iranian diva Marzieh. Renowned painters, moviemakers, conductors, and singers are members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the parliament in exile. So, everybody knows that the religious dictatorship in Iran has jailed and also executed many artists. 

Wherever music and culture are free to express themselves, freedom will flourish. I wish this summit every success so that the Iranian people can regain the freedom that they, that you deserve and their great and rich unique culture that has contributed so much to the world. And with these words, I wish you a most successful conference.

Marit Nybakk, Former First Vice-President of the Norwegian Parliament

Dear Maryam Rajavi, dear friends of a Free Iran, it’s so good to be here and talk to this audience, listen to what they said and to know that we all work for the Free Iran under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi.

For me, it is surprising sometimes how little international media actually write about the brutality of the regime, about the oppression, about the repression. Of course, write about the nuclear program and that also necessary to do. But we talk about a regime who practice illegal gender apartheid.

This country in the world with most public executions and death penalty. In Sweden a couple of weeks ago there was an Iranian being arrested having worked for the Mullahs in Sweden. But we also had good news from Sweden because there was another Iranian being sentenced.

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Prominent Figures From the Nordic Countries Address the Free Iran 2022