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Saluzzo, Italy, November 2022: Demonstration and Conference in Support of the Nationwide Iran Protests

Saluzzo, Italy, November 2022: Demonstration and Conference in Support of the Nationwide Iran Protests

November 2022, Italy: The municipality of Saluzzo in Italy, in collaboration with the Equality Council, held a demonstration and conference in the theater of this city in solidarity with the women who stood up and supported the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people.

At the beginning of this program in the city square, Maouro Calderoni, the mayor of Saluzzo, said: “Today we are witnessing the courage of young boys and girls who rose for freedom… Unfortunately, young people also lose their lives in this way.” But we are with them, and we wish them victory.”

Dr. Khosro Nikzat from the Association of Doctors said in his speech that Today the people of Iran are seeking the complete overthrow of the dictatorial regime and the establishment of freedom and democracy. Today, the international community must recognize the legitimate defense of the Iranian people against the dictatorship.”

The next part of the program held a conference in the city theater.

In this conference, Attilia Gullino, the mayor’s adviser on cultural affairs and equality of rights, said: “Today, in this ceremony, we declare our support and solidarity with the women and people of Iran who rose for the freedom of their country… The current protests in Iran are the result of years of struggle and resistance that has come to fruition Today. Today, we see young and brave women in the streets who stand up for their rights. We Westerners should follow the people of Iran and their issues and stand by them.”

The other speaker of this conference, Farideh Bozorgzad from the Association of Physicians and Pharmacists, said in her speech: “The uprising of the youth of Iran continues widely in 31 provinces. The role of women in this nationwide uprising is not a phenomenon of the past, but it has been the focus of the struggle against the misogynist regime for the past 43 years. Tens of thousands of women were imprisoned, tortured, and executed. Most were members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and were Today’s main resistance force. For this reason, Iranian women have become the real driving force for change in Iran.”

Dr. Yousef Lasani from the Free and Democratic Iran Association also said in his speech at this conference: “The widespread uprising of the youth of Iran marks the complete overthrow of the religious dictatorship and has entered the process of a revolution to establish freedom and democracy, and finally to the rule of law. Equality and justice, prosperity, and peace in the world community. A democratic republic based on the separation of government and religion and free elections, The same goals for which the Iranian resistance has fought religious fascism for more than four decades by paying a heavy price. Western governments should end their appeasement policy with the godfather of terrorism and stand by the Iranian people. The time has come for the international community and democratic governments to recognize the legitimate defense of the people and their organized resistance to pave the way for the freedom of the Iranian people.”