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Free Iran 2023—Day 2: Imperative to Regional Peace and Stability, Onward to a Democratic Republic in Iran

Free Iran 2023—Day 2: Imperative to Regional Peace and Stability, Onward to a Democratic Republic in Iran

Free Iran 2023—Day 2—Paris, July 2, 2023: Following the first day of the Free Iran Global Summit 2023 held on Saturday, July 1, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) holds its second consecutive meeting at its Headquarters in Auvers-sur-Oise. Esteemed participants, including former leaders and legislators from various Asian, African, and European nations, have gathered to discuss several crucial subjects.

These encompass the recent uprisings in Iran, the regime’s manipulative tactics aimed at hindering the progress of the impending revolution, the search for a viable alternative to replace the current terrorist regime, and the development of appropriate policies to tackle the complex multilateral challenges posed by the regime to the world today.

Distinguished delegations and prominent statesmen from different countries, including Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Mauritania, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, India, Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Ireland, Malta, and Italy, among others, will actively participate in the Free Iran Global Summit II. Their involvement will involve delivering speeches on the aforementioned significant topics.

This Page is Being Updated With the Latest Developments From the 2nd day of the Free Iran World Summit 2023.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Honored Representatives, esteemed friends,
As we convene on the second day of the Free Iran summit, we stand strong amidst a tempest of subterfuge and schemes set forth by Khamenei’s regime. This meeting is a testament to a deep-seated truth of our era. Despite the mullahs’ desperate efforts, they are now unable to further their policies or maintain their grip on power. Undoubtedly, the mullahs’ overthrow is within our reach, and the final victory will indeed belong to the Iranian people and the Resistance.

Yesterday, the remarkable participation and immense efforts of supporters of the Iranian Resistance, PMOI members, members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, representatives from various parliaments worldwide, and prominent political figures, came together to convene the Free Iran World Summit and a rally simultaneously taking place in Paris, leaving a profound impression on the global stage.

This campaign successfully overcame numerous obstacles and formidable barriers. It triumphed over the conspiracies and acts of sabotage carried out by the clerical regime, its accommodators, and collaborators, emerging victorious. It was a magnificent show highlighting the integrity, credibility, legitimacy, and the power of the Iranian Resistance, which stands taller, more prepared, and more determined than ever.

Yesterday, I witnessed extraordinary scenes from the heart of Paris to various gatherings of freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance. At the same time, I received numerous messages from inside Iran that expressed the intense emotions evoked among our compatriots.

I commend those who toil for the Resistance and Revolution. I know you must be tired of the intense efforts during this period, which culminated in the successful event yesterday. But I’m confident that you are more prepared and ready than ever to carry on. I salute all of you who are continuing your efforts today.

Religious tyranny mired in defeats and dead ends
Velayat-e Faqih, embodying absolute malevolence for people in the region and acting as a fearsome instigator of terrorism and warmongering against the world, is destined to be overthrown, like an arrow set on the trajectory of history. No force can halt this inevitable downfall.

Today, religious despotism finds itself mired in a litany of setbacks and dead ends. From a crumbling economy to internal disputes within the government, a steady stream of departures from the IRGC and Basij, and the nuclear case, the regime is confronted with manifold challenges. Above all, however, its enduring nightmare is the unyielding surge of revolution, which entraps it in a cycle of popular uprisings.

This revolution takes shape through the promotion of a democratic alternative. It manifests in the organized mobilization of defiant and rebellious youth, in the strikes of the Resistance Units on IRGC command centers, and in the ongoing uprising of the people.

Suppression remains the sole instrument and defense strategy of the Velayat-e Faqih regime. However, even this has hit a wall. In the aftermath of the massive unrest of December 2017-January 2018, the regime massacred at least 1,500 youths during the November 2019 uprising. Yet, these brutalities only fanned the flames of resistance and highlighted the legitimacy of the revolutionary solution.

For two years, the clerical regime exploited a human shield of 550,000 compatriots who tragically perished during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the uprisings reignited in the summer of 2022. The regime responded by murdering at least 750, arresting over 30,000 people, and stepping up executions, which only served to heighten public indignation.

For many years, Khamenei proclaimed that if he didn’t wage war in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen, he would be compelled to erect barricades in Tehran and Isfahan. However, irrespective of the number of atrocities he perpetrates, the extent of his regional interference, or the depth of his strategic alliances, all his efforts are futile. The front line of the conflict, propelled by the momentum of the uprisings, has edged nearer to his own domain, leaving him in anticipation of the final reckoning.

The Regime’s Failed Retrenchment Project
Khamenei envisaged the tightening and retrenchment of his regime as the second phase of the revolution, seeing it as the lifeline for his power. He handpicked loyalists and confidants to command the parliament, while entrusting the presidency to an executioner implicated in the 1988 massacre. Yet, this strategy of retrenchment inevitably collapsed.

Over the past two years, sectors from the cabinet and ministries to industry, banking, and the currency market have experienced unparalleled disruption and instability. Moreover, the ruling regime sought to link its fate and survival to the pursuit of nuclear weapons. However, this plan was doomed from the onset when the PMOI (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) disclosed the regime’s most secretive nuclear facilities.

Indeed, the regime is exerting its utmost efforts, but it cannot eradicate the question of its demise from the Iranian scene. Despite squandering an astronomical 2 trillion dollars against the interests of the Iranian people, even if Khamenei were to manufacture not just one, but a hundred atomic bombs, he would still be incapable of quelling the resolve of the defiant youth involved in the uprising. They assert: “Khamenei, the blood-spiller, we will topple you and lay you to rest.”

Just three weeks ago, Khamenei declared that he deemed the production of an atomic bomb to be in violation of religious and Islamic principles. This reminds us of a fitting proverb in Iranian literature: “Rejoice! The hypocrite has turned preacher, ascetic, and devout!” (Deeds, indeed, speak louder than words.)

We must not forget that Kamal Kharrazi, Foreign Minister under Mohammad Khatami, pledged to British Foreign Minister Robin Cook in front of journalists that the fatwa against Salman Rushdie would not be executed. Yet, the regime never relinquished its pursuit of it.

The Iranian Resistance has clearly stated that “any promise made by the regime to abandon nuclear weapons is both preposterous and void, as the regime regards such armaments as its safety net against the fall of religious fascism.”

Now, we address them: You can beseech appeasing governments as much as you wish to stave off uprisings and democratic alternatives. You can amass arsenals of missiles, drones, and produce bombs to your satisfaction. However, you are cornered and utterly powerless against the most potent and formidable weapon the world has today.

This weapon is the uprising of the people who are resolute in their quest to overthrow the Velayat-e Faqih regime, and they will unquestionably accomplish this.

The PMOI gleaned from their Arab and Palestinian brethren half a century ago that when a nation such as the Iranian people embarks on a path of resistance, endurance, and sacrifices, destiny must heed their calls, the shadows must recede, and the shackles must be broken.

Mojahedin pose the most significant existential threat to the regime
Khamenei strives to acquire bombs, missiles, and what he dubs as strategic depth in the region to shield himself from the most potent and deadly threat to his rule.

Khomeini acknowledged this fact from the outset with his anti-revolutionary intuition. This was illustrated when, responding to Massoud Rajavi’s address at the grand assembly in Amjadieh Stadium on June 25, 1980, he proclaimed, “Our enemy is neither in America, nor in the Soviet Union, nor in Kurdistan, but right here before our eyes in Tehran. Hypocrites! (Referring to the Mojahedin) have declared war against us under the guise of Islam, the Quran, and Nahj ol-Balagha.”

Even today, the regime’s highest authorities and institutions are plagued by sleepless nights due to the Mojahedin, who continue to pose the greatest threat to their dominion.

Just a week ago, the speaker of the mullahs’ parliament referred to the police force’s entry into Ashraf 3 as the pinnacle of the regime’s power. The regime’s mouthpieces openly confess that the Mojahedin topic is brought up in every meeting with European ambassadors or delegations.

The Iran newspaper, an affiliate of Raisi, expressed a wish that the regime could “disrupt the Mojahedin’s network inside Iran” because the uprising’s “leadership, both physically and in the digital sphere,” resulted from the collaboration between the people in Iran and the PMOI.

Internal documents from the regime’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs concede that the Mojahedin possess unity, an organized structure, and significant intelligence capabilities. They are actively striving to topple the regime by forming Resistance Units, positioning them as the only organization with the potential to present an alternative platform.

In recent days, Khamenei’s Friday prayer leaders plainly declared that the recent covert meetings between the regime and American and European officials revolved around negotiations regarding the PMOI/MEK.

As per the mullahs’ accounts from these private meetings, the French government, due to geopolitical considerations, called off the Iranian Resistance’s rally in Paris. This admission attests to the fact that the Iranian Resistance’s rally, thousands of kilometers away from Iran, is a disruption to the mullahs’ geopolitical posture. And indeed, this is the case.

Clerical regime suffers fundamental setbacks from the Mojahedin
The clerical regime has suffered significant setbacks in numerous strategic, political, and ideological areas, at the hands of the Mojahedin and the Iranian Resistance. I will briefly touch upon these setbacks here:

Firstly, the Mojahedin have successfully preserved and propelled the organized movement aiming to overthrow the regime, both within and outside Iran’s borders. They have thwarted countless plots and assaults orchestrated by the regime.

Secondly, despite Western governments efforts to appease the religious fascism and their remarkable efforts to fabricate fake alternatives, the overwhelming majority of elected representatives in America and Europe, including France and the UK, have expressed support for the Iranian people’s aspiration for a democratic republic. They have also endorsed the Ten-point Plan proposed by the Iranian Resistance.

Thirdly, the Mojahedin have positioned themselves as the antithesis to religious fundamentalism and have ideologically defeated the ruling regime by advocating for a democratic interpretation of Islam, especially in terms of gender equality.

For nearly four decades, women across all strata of this movement have led and managed affairs, deriving lessons from priceless and often blood-soaked experiences. Alongside them is a generation of men who have willingly embraced gender equality and demonstrated it in practice. The PMOI’s Central Council comprises 1,000 committed women who have bravely weathered various trials and tribulations, ranging from incarceration by the regime to the battlegrounds.

In the battle against Khomeini and his regime, tens of thousands of Mojahed women gave their lives, withstood imprisonment, and experienced torture. In light of this history, today’s brave Iranian women and girls assume leadership roles on the frontlines, confronting the regime’s guards.

Iranian women have resolved to overthrow the largest religious dictatorship in history. Indeed, what resource could be more valuable, potent, and efficient than this in achieving freedom, democracy, and equality?

For this reason, the regime and its IRGC guards live in continual fear of this resistance and its leading women, whether in the cities and streets of Iran, Ashraf 3, or anywhere globally.

Dear friends,
The three factors I have outlined are the primary reasons why the mullahs have sought to secure the backing of Western governments in suppressing the Iranian Resistance. However, the Iranian Resistance is deeply embedded within Iranian society. It has proudly emerged from four decades of assaults, plots, and demonization, and continues to defeat and foil the regime’s desperate attempts.

As Massoud Rajavi has articulated: “The National Council of Resistance and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran are not like rootless weeds; they are legitimate and have arisen from the depths of our country’s struggles and history. They are the true heirs to our people’s most authentic traditions and battles, standing at the pinnacle of evolution today. At this crucial juncture, we proclaim a magnificent certainty and a shining truth: the overthrow of the clerical regime and the inevitable triumph and liberation of the Iranian people.”

A united front against the Velayat-e Faqih regime and fundamentalism under the name of Islam
Now, I wish to address all Islamic nations and Muslims of various faiths and beliefs. While it is true that the people of Iran were the first victims of the oppressive Velayat-e Faqih regime, it is crucial to acknowledge that this regime is the greatest enemy of Islam and Muslims. Fundamentalism and terrorism under the banner of Islam, whether Shiite or Sunni, are either promoted and financed by the regime, or have their origins in the regime.

The policy of appeasement towards this regime has not only harmed the Iranian people, its primary victims, but has also had disastrous consequences for the entire region and our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters.

In the presence of esteemed representatives and elected officials from around the globe, I call on all Middle Eastern countries, Islamic nations, and Muslims to show solidarity with the people of Iran and form a united front against the Velayat-e Faqih regime and fundamentalism disguised as Islam.

The era of oppressive rule under the Shah and the mullahs, characterized by the suppression of revolutions and oppressed movements in Iran, came to an end in the 14th century (in the solar calendar). A hundred years of monarchy and religious tyranny, marked by countless crimes, have been more than enough.

Now, as we enter the 15th century, let it be defined by the name of the Iranian people, the Republic, and the democratic revolution of Iran. This revolution promises freedom for the Iranian people, and peace and security for the region and the world. May God bless you all.

Ahmad Kamel, Moderator of the Conference

Every moment that this regime remains at the helm of power in Iran means more blood in Iran and in several countries. Thank you to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who said in eloquent Arabic what the poet of the Arabs said, if one day the people wanted life, then fate must respond, the night must clear, and the shackles must be broken.

Therefore, today, we have a large number of peoples who have been overwhelmed by the tyranny of the mullahs’ regime. The mullahs’ regime is a great danger to the lives of Iranians, and it is a danger to the lives of the peoples of the region and the world. Tens of years have proven that coexistence with this regime is not possible. There is no life for the people of Iran and Iran’s neighbors except with the fall of this regime.

Dr. Eeid Alnaemat, Member of the Parliament of Jordan

Dr. Eeid Alnaemat, Member of the Parliament of Jordan
Dr. Eeid Alnaemat, Member of the Parliament of Jordan

The international community must engage in honest policy and work hard for peace and human values. Maintaining peace requires actual politics. Many people in the region are facing catastrophes and wars and the violence caused by militias. Fear and war have become the destiny for the people of the Middle East. The geography has been cursed.

The regime is trying to impose its politics in the Gulf region. It is causing problems for the countries of the region through its misuse of Islam. It is killing its own people and attacking its neighbors. In Jordan, we are facing the drugs trade carried out by the Iranian regime. We have a lot of work to finish this regime.

We stand with those protesting in the streets of Iran. Iran needs a leadership that believes in Islam and respects human rights and believes in a democratic republic that is at peace with its neighbors. This is what Madam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan stands for.

The Iranian regime is a danger for the Middle East. It is pushing the international community for its own benefits. The future of the Middle East is part of the future of the world. We must act.

Dr. Asma Ravaheneh, Head of the National Coalition Faction in the parliament of Jordan

Dr. Asma Ravaheneh, Head of the National Coalition Faction in the parliament of Jordan
Dr. Asma Ravaheneh, Head of the National Coalition Faction in the parliament of Jordan

Madam Rajavi has touched the hearts of every person who believes in this cause. The world is aware of what freedom means to people. It opens the door to peace. It makes the world a better place. My dear sister, you have become an icon for freedom and for women who want to achieve democracy. You gave everything to what you believe in.

You have overcome so many obstacles and this is what has made you an icon of determination. And today, you are known as a woman who is loyal to her people and makes sacrifices for them. This is what makes you a leader.

Today, we are in a world that is filled with troubles. Women are the first victims. We ask all women in the world to stand with us in this cause. Allow me to give my respect to you and our sisters in Ashraf 3. We salute the women in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq, all of whom have been affected by the destructive actions of the regime.

Jordan has faced the violence of the regime, which is sending drugs to our country. Our security forces are trying to stop this, but this is hurting us, just as it is happening in Lebanon. The regime is causing the collapse of the countries of the region.

Seham Badey, Former Minister for Women’s Affairs from Tunisia

Seham Badey, Former Minister for Women's Affairs from Tunisia
Seham Badey, Former Minister for Women’s Affairs from Tunisia

We are here to defend our right to life, we are among the fighters for freedom. We are fighting against any dictatorship that is trying to occupy our countries. We are here to defend our freedom of expression. I’m here with you so that Iran can regain its freedom and choose your destiny and the destiny of your country.

I stand with those who want to have their voices heard without fear of being imprisoned or persecuted. I add my voice to that of another woman who has stood against the regime and has become a rock against all rumors that try to portray Iran as a dark place. This is a woman that is capable and shines. Madam Rajavi is the best example of this.

This country has a deep civilization and history of art and culture. As a woman who has participated in political life, I say hope is born from pain and suffering. I spent 18 years in exile and today I have become a minister in my country. We have the right to dream to see you again in Iran and help you in building it to realize the dreams of the martyrs. You are not only realizing the dream of the martyrs, but you also have a duty because you’re in a free country, you have the ability to express and resist. You must continue your efforts to build a new Iran.

Fada Hourani, Political activist from Syria

Fada Hourani, Political activist from Syria
Fada Hourani, Political activist from Syria

All the suffering by Syrians at the hands of the Assad regime is caused by the backwards religious system of Iran. Millions of Syrians are under the aggression of the Syrian regime. They are calling for dignity. This revolution is not a civil war. The revolution is committed to values.

The sectarian wars trying to be linked to the revolution is caused by the regime. The revolution in Iran and Syria will have a common future: the salvation of both people. The common interests of the people are much larger than the hatred caused by the regime.

Syria cannot be ruled by an authoritarian regime. Iran also doesn’t have to choose between two dictatorships: a return to the shah or the rule of the mullahs. The regime wastes resources to cause destruction in Syria. It is supporting the Syrian regime with weapons and chemical bombs and militias.

I believe that Iran moving toward democracy will also undermine the authoritarian regimes in other countries. The path to democracy in Iran is not only important for Iran but also for the entire region. This is why everyone needs to support the Ten-Point Plan of Madam Rajavi for the future of Iran.

Kak Baba Sheikh Hosseini, Secretary General of the Iranian Kurdistan’s Khebat Organization

Kak Baba Sheikh Hosseini, Secretary General of the Iranian Kurdistan’s Khebat Organization
Kak Baba Sheikh Hosseini, Secretary General of the Iranian Kurdistan’s Khebat Organization

For many years, the authoritarian regimes of Iran have inflicted pain on the people of Iran. During Pahlavi’s era, the wealth of the people was squandered and poverty reached new levels. Minorities were under double pressure. This is why all Iranians came to streets to overthrow the Shah regime. They hoped that tyranny would end by overthrowing the shah regime. Unfortunately, the revolution was hijacked by Khomeini and other criminal mullahs. Religious fascism was imposed on the Iranian people.

In the past 45 years, the regime has put the people under immense pressure and tyranny. The people of Kurdistan are under even more oppression, as they had been during the Shah dictatorship. The struggle of the people of Kurdistan joins that of all the people of Iran to overthrow this regime.

In recent months, the streets of Kurdistan have seen continuous protests after the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini by the so-called morality police. These protests quickly spread across Iran and all Iranians from all backgrounds and geographical region joined their voice to express their desire to overthrow the regime.

This revolution exposed the regime’s weaknesses and showed the unity of the Iranian people. The Khebat Organization is a national organization founded by Mamusta Jalal Hosseini. He and other Khebat members fought against the Shah regime and they continue their struggle against the mullahs’ regime. We condemn any links to the Shah regime. The Khebat Organization has played an important role in the struggles of the Iranian people. Hundreds of its members have sacrificed their lives for freedom. We have a principled vision for the future of Iran, and that is why we are allies of the MEK and NCRI. The plan of the NCRI for autonomy of Kurdistan and the freedom of Iran is fully supported by our organization.

Makfouleh Akat, Advisor to the President and, Former Minister of Culture from Mauritania

Makfouleh Akat, Advisor to the President and, Former Minister of Culture from Mauritania
Makfouleh Akat, Advisor to the President and, Former Minister of Culture from Mauritania

I salute the women of Iran who are leading the revolution for establishing a democratic state. I also salute Mrs. Maryam Rajavi who has made so many sacrifices and is organizing this resistance against the regime.

Maryam Rajavi is the top woman leader in the Middle East. I support her determination and resistance.

There will be success as long as there are people fighting for this cause and who are loyal to this cause. Let’s support the freedom of our societies from oppression.

Abolsalam Hormeh, MP, head of Assawab Faction in the Parliament of Mauritania

Abolsalam Hormeh, MP, head of Assawab Faction in the Parliament of Mauritania
Abolsalam Hormeh, MP, head of Assawab Faction in the Parliament of Mauritania

Your rally demonstrates the international support for your cause. It shows how deeply and strongly the people of Iran are supported in their struggle to overthrow the mullahs’ regime. Arab countries are under the most pressure from the regime. They are the first targets for the regime’s oppression and the export of its ideology. I believe Arabs should work more toward having a new Iran and working on our shared values, a new Iran that does not want to expand sectarian clashes that began after Khomeini took power.

The Iranian resistance has been fighting for four decades to get rid of the mullahs’ regime that exports terrorism. Iran is in a revolution that continues despite the oppression of the regime. The continuity of the revolution against this regime is a turning point. We see the regime attacking every corner in Iran. The only option is to get rid of the regime once and for all.

As a member of the Mauritanian parliament I oppose justifying silence and I support the Iranian Resistance. We have suffered oppression and we should be the first to stand against the regime in Iran. This is worse than the apartheid regime in South Africa.

I also condemn the European complacency and giving in to the blackmailing of the regime. This is a shame.

Ahmad Almosaybli, Advisor to the culture minister from Yemen

Ahmad Almosaybli, Advisor to the culture minister from Yemen
Ahmad Almosaybli, Advisor to the culture minister from Yemen

We represent millions of Yemeni people who have been violated by the regime of Khamenei and Raisi. Madam Rajavi, I have always said that you are not only for the Iranian people. You are also fighting for all the oppressed people of the region, in Yemen, in Syria and other countries.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, everyone here is a free person. Everyone who support the uprising, I salute them. The people of Yemen support you, the people of Lebanon and Iraq support you. In any area where Khamenei’s weapons are firing, the people support you.

The world has changed. The head of the snake is in Tehran. We must cut off that head so the rest of the world survives. Khamenei destroyed Yemen. We want to tell everyone who may not know it, Yemen has been destroyed, streets, schools, mosques. Thousands have been arrested and tortured. The Khamenei regime is doing this through their proxies. But Khamenei failed in Yemen. But our struggle is not finished. We must support the Iranian people in their struggle.

We are stronger when we stand with you. All countries of the region will be free soon. I support the Ten-Point Plan, but we need you to also help liberate our countries from the Khamenei regime. Please add that to your plan.

Abdolvahab Moavazeh, Member of the Parliament, Chair of the Human Rights Commission from Yemen

Abdolvahab Moavazeh, Member of the Parliament, Chair of the Human Rights Commission from Yemen
Abdolvahab Moavazeh, Member of the Parliament, Chair of the Human Rights Commission from Yemen

The people of Iran have been suffering for more than 40 years at the hands of this extremist regime. The regime has been using the people’s money to fund its proxies in the region. We hope that everything good will take place from now on just as in the revolution of 1979.

We listened to other speakers and heard them condemn the Iranian regime. We hope decision makers in these countries listen to us. In Yemen, the army reached Sanaa in 2015 but Americans drew a red line. In 2018 we reached Hodeida city, the stronghold of the Houthis. But a statement from Stockholm prevented us from liberating this city.

We heard from Western speakers that they might not have understood the dangers of Iranian weapons until they were used in Ukraine. But these weapons have been used in our countries for many years. These double standards must stop.

All Arab countries that have suffered at the hands of the Iranian regime must prepare to liberate ourselves from this threat. The West keeps saying countering terrorism is a must, but when they see terrorism by the regime, they do nothing.

If you follow the crimes committed by the extremist regime of Iran in the countries of the region, all these countries are victims. In Yemen, the Houthi militias destroyed the social fabric. Children and women were thrown in jail. Human rights were violated. They bombed industrial complexes and refugee camps. According to UN reports, more than 370,000 were killed by the Houthi groups. The Iranian regime sent experts from the IRGC and the Hezbollah in the war against the Yemeni people.

The regime is supplying the Houthis with drones to attack the Yemeni people. This would not have happened if Iran was ruled by the people not the terrorist government. The Iranian uprising is now entering its tenth month with hundreds of martyrs and thousands of arrested.

We support the MEK and the Iranian opposition. We believe that the Ten-Point Plan of Maryam Rajavi is a strong proposition that will solve many problems of Iran. We are determined to get rid of the Houthis. We also approve that the Iranian people will get rid of the mullahs’ regime, which has nothing to do with Islam.

Dr. Abde Saeed Mohsen Al-Moghlas, Secretary General of the Senate of Yemen

Dr. Abde Saeed Mohsen Al-Moghlas, Secretary General of the Senate of Yemen
Dr. Abde Saeed Mohsen Al-Moghlas, Secretary General of the Senate of Yemen

I bring to you the pain of the people of Yemen. We only want to live together in peace and happiness. This gathering has made Iran a sun for civilization again. It has given Muslim women the place that God has given to them. You are a guardian.

I bring the support of the parliament and the Yemeni people for your resistance against the mullahs’ regime that has made our countries and people enter absurd wars. We support the NCRI and its president Maryam Rajavi. We are in the same battle against the mullahs’ regime.

We stand together against the extremism of the Iranian regime which has held the people hostage and is supporting the Houthis against the Yemeni people. We see the Iranian regime has supported the Houthis in their coup d’etat against Yemeni legitimacy. They triggered a war. The Houthis have taken their orders from Tehran and destroyed Yemen.

Kids as young as 15 were recruited as child soldiers. They committed so many crimes. They tried to starve people by stopping food supplies.

Our problem with the Iranian regime is the same problem that the world had with Hitler’s Nazism and fascism. Britain tried to appease the Nazis and the entire world paid the price. The Houthis are facing international silence despite their crimes. This is why your victory is important and is also the victory of the Yemeni people.

Dorien Rookmaker, Member of the EU Parliament from the Netherlands

Dorien Rookmaker, Member of the EU Parliament from the Netherlands
Dorien Rookmaker, Member of the EU Parliament from the Netherlands

Maryam Rajavi is the hope for Iran, the hope for the Middle East and the hope for the world. One member of the Yemeni delegation spoke about Europeans not being aware of the crimes of the regime. I apologize that I wasn’t aware until this week. European politicians mostly have a good heart.

As Maryam Rajavi states in her Ten-Point Plan, it is more important to see each other as humans instead of men, women, Muslims, Christians. It is important what you do, and Maryam Rajavi is a good example. And the people here must be very proud to have such a good leader because good leaders are rare. It takes courage, wisdom and love. And when we met in European Parliament, I decided that I had met the true leader of Iran.

We live in an age where there is a lot of false news going around. It’s hard to tell the truth from falsehoods. A lot of people will claim they are the true opposition. For me it was a bit difficult to understand which opposition in Iran to support. Human rights are very important.

Then I saw ladies from the opposition who supported Maryam Rajavi and they explained to me why it is important to support this movement. Many people from the Iranian regime approached me and tried to convince me that Mrs. Rajavi is not the true opposition. But I made a decision and I will stick to it. And I hope you will too.

I want to thank you for being here and tell the people who are watching this, if you approach people who don’t know about the situation in Iran, be patient and polite. In time, the truth will prevail, because it always does. I’m sure that the regime in Iran will vanish in thin air. It is a religious fascist regime, and it will not stay.

Alyona Shkrum, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine

Alyona Shkrum, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine
Alyona Shkrum, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine

Last night, eight Iranian drones attacked Kyiv. They injured one man. This was a calm night because there were only eight drones. We didn’t know much about Iran and didn’t understand why the regime is giving those drones to Russia to kill us. In May, Iran sent 300 drones to Russia, this is the same month it carried out 140 executions.

More than 1,000 drones were used in Ukraine so far. The regime kills its own people, it kills people in the Middle East, and even in Ukraine. Five months ago, my parents were staying in their small house near the capital of Ukraine, in a rural area and they have seen a black Iranian drone on top of their heads and there was nothing I could do. There was nothing they could do. They could only hide.

And unfortunately, Ukrainians know too well that this is happening 3000 kilometers away from Iran, because terrorist and dictatorship regime knows no borders and knows no distance and knows no mercy. And they must be stopped by all of us, by all the efforts of following international community, because they threaten everybody. Ukrainians know very well that appeasement never works for terrorists and dictatorship regimes. Only weakness, our weakness, provokes more evil and provokes more tyranny and provokes more violence.

And unfortunately, a lot of us know a lot of examples of that. Appeasement never worked with Hitler during the Second World War. It did not work with Putin. It is not working with the Iranian regime and will not work.

I speak here and I’m very honored to do that on behalf of 10s of millions of Ukrainians who stand for a free and democratic Iran. And also, I’m allowed to speak on behalf of Ukrainian girls and women who are incredibly inspired by Iranian women in your fight. You are such an inspiration to us. Keep on fighting, keep on fighting for freedom. You know we follow you. We stand with you, and we will do whatever it takes to help you.

And your fight for freedom is on the way and it is going on for too long. That’s why you need to win fast and you need to win for good, for everybody, for all of us.

Ukraine has already introduced sanctions on Iran. But I know that we can do more, and I will be coming back to Kyiv, to my parliament, with very, very concrete tasks. We will fight for more sanctions because we believe that the population of Iran deserves to live in a free society, in a free, democratic country.

Senator Gerry Horkan, Member of Irish Senate and deputy chair of the Financial Committee

Senator Gerry Horkan, Member of Irish Senate and deputy chair of the Financial Committee
Senator Gerry Horkan, Member of Irish Senate and deputy chair of the Financial Committee

I think everybody here would agree that Iran will be one of the countries we must watch closely in the coming months, given its history and importance for the Middle East and the future progress of not just the region but indeed the world.

The continuing popular push to make Iran more free and democratic is an encouraging step and welcoming development. When, not if, the Iranian people are successful to establish a democratic Republic, the world will breathe a sigh of relief and start to think seriously about building friendship and real cooperation for the benefit of Iran, the region and the world.

As many of my colleagues and distinguished speakers have explained, both today and since Friday, the people of Iran have the tools in the Resistance Units, the platform and your Ten-Point plan, which we’ve heard so much about, and a viable alternative in the NCRI to succeed.

The EU must designate the IRGC. It should add more Iranian names to its sanctions list and, above all, the EU must take concrete steps at the international level, including the UN, to end the culture of impunity in Iran and to do this, the regime must be referred to the UN Security Council.

As we support Ukraine against evil Russia, we must also support the NCRI and the Iranian people as they strive to liberate their country from the mullahs.

Ruba Habboush, Vice-president of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC)

Ruba Habboush, Vice-president of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC)
Ruba Habboush, Vice-president of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC)

The danger of the mullahs’ regime is first to the Iranian people, politically, socially, and economically. It kills them in front of the eyes of the entire world. The world is not taking action. And they’re doing the same thing in Syria. They’re not taking action to stop the crimes of the regime. 

The terror of Iran and Russia has not been stopped. Iran’s regime supports the Syrian regime, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, and sectarian militias in Iraq. 

I am from Idlib, Syria. More than one million people have been martyred in Idlib. All this with the help of the Iranian regime, which does not stop in Syria and Iraq and Yemen. It spreads everywhere. It starts with soft expansion and then transitions to military occupation. 

We should take serious steps to stop the Iranian regime. Any attempt to appease the regime will only cause more destruction and war. We must respect the Iranian revolution, with women at the forefront. They have paid dearly for their struggle for freedom. Criminal regimes will disappear. I hope we will soon celebrate the fall of Iran’s regime in Tehran. 

Barkat Ojan, Former Minister of Culture from Jordan

Barkat Ojan, Former Minister of Culture from Jordan
Barkat Ojan, Former Minister of Culture from Jordan

We spoke about the transgressions of the regime, but not enough about what it is doing in Iraq and Yemen and Palestine. What is happening in Ukraine is recent, but what is happening in the region has been going on for years.

Western governments handed Iraq to the mullahs. These meetings have a huge benefit. They document what is happening. I believe that culture is important in creating a democratic world. This meeting will help create a better future for the Iranian people.

I ask that we share our principles. We must talk about how the world is witnessing changes. What is happening in the Middle East is sad. We’re suffering from lack of democracy. Political oppression is applied to journalists and politicians and all citizens who want to speak. These conferences are the voice of those people.

One of the most political issues we face is Iran’s regime. It is facing so many challenges. Iranians seek a better future. What Madam Rajavi is doing today is a hope that the future will be bright. The entire world should stand on the same front and don’t remain silent in face of human rights violations. What happens in Iran needs our attention, this includes the nuclear program, its interference in the region. These are important for all of us.

Razi Nurullayev, Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan

Razi Nurullayev, Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan
Razi Nurullayev, Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the countries that suffered from terrorist attacks. In January, the Azerbaijan embassy in Iran was attacked, in which one person was killed. Since then, our embassy has been closed. In March, one of my colleagues in the Azerbaijan parliament who supports free Iran faced an attack. He survived but his wounds will not heal until we see a free and democratic Iran.

I want to assure Mrs. Maryam Rajavi that the people of Azerbaijan support your fight for freedom. We want to see you in a free and democratic Iran. Our country is not safe from the intervention of the regime, which has increased in recent months, from drug smuggling to terrorism. One of the most destructive actions of the regime is the creation of proxy groups for terrorism. The terrorism of the mullahs’ regime is an obstacle to peace and security, especially in Muslim countries.

We’re witnessing successive uprisings by Iranian people to change the situation in their country. Freedom in Iran is in the interests of all countries. NCRI and Maryam Rajavi are heralds of freedom in Iran. We support this alternative. Mrs. Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan guarantees a democratic Republic based on the separation of religion and state. This progressive program is supported by the majority of parliaments in many countries including Azerbaijan. The program of Maryam Rajavi will guarantee close relations between nations.

We in Azerbaijan support you and know that where there is belief, faith, passion, there will be results. I saw belief in your eyes in your struggle, in your fight. Victory is with you.

Mario Galea, Member of Parliament of Malta (1998–2022)

Mario Galea, Member of Parliament of Malta (1998–2022)
Mario Galea, Member of Parliament of Malta (1998–2022)

The mullahs know their end is fast approaching. They can hang on to power for some time but not forever. They can hide but they have nowhere to run.

The Iranian regime’s barbaric response to the uprising did not deter the people from their protests. It has organized them even more. The maintained protests in Iran have fatally wounded the Iranian regime. A free democratic Iran is no longer an if but a matter of when. As we all know, the uprisings were met with arrests, abduction, torture. We still don’t know the extent of crimes against humanity being committed by the regime in Iran right now.

The determination of the Iranian people for freedom was neither broken nor taken. The atrocities of the regime did not break the people. They broke the regime itself.

The Iranian regime is now cornered and terrified. They are on borrowed time. They will have to face justice for crimes against humanity. Freeing Iran is the first step. The next step is for those who committed crimes to face justice.

We are also here to convey a strong message to the Western world, to our governments, to the U.S., the EU and the international community. The Iranian people will not remember the harsh words of their enemies. They will remember the cruel silence of their friends. Silence means consent. If you remain neutral, you are not standing in the middle. You are siding with the Iranian regime. Appeasement of the Iranian regime is treason. It is betrayal of your own country, the Middle East, and mankind. This regime remains one of the major threats to peace and stability to the entire world.

Some of the countries who are helping Ukraine against Putin were the same countries that appeased Iran. And Iran thanked them by sending drones to Russia.

History has taught us that appeasement does not work. History is a good teacher but unfortunately politicians are lousy students.

I want to commend the outstanding courage of Iranian women. The mullahs went to great lengths to subdue them. But the regime failed miserably. Women are fearlessly fighting back. They are defying the regime. Women have become the most compelling threat to the regime’s existence. This should not come as a surprise to us. Iranian women have a great role model, a great leader who stood up and put her country first, before her own life and safety. Madam Rajavi you are a great leader. You are an inspiration to Iranian women. You stood up to lead, Iranian women stood up to follow you. This is what free Iran looks like.

Luís Leite Ramos, Former MP from Portugal 

Luís Leite Ramos, Former MP from Portugal 
Luís Leite Ramos, Former MP from Portugal 

I’m here to support your fight for a free democratic Iran. Yesterday was a real victory for the Iranian Resistance in Paris. The appeasement policy gave in to the pressure of the mullahs by cancelling the rally but was defeated by justice. 

The Iranian Resistance also has organized this summit with leaders from all over the world. This too is a victory, given the difficult conditions you were facing. The Resistance has shown that they are truly an alternative. This is a victory for the Iranian population. The democratic Revolution is being won in the streets of Iran. But the harder the situation becomes, the more efficient the resistance becomes. 

We are here to support your Ten-Point Plan for the future of Iran. We also call on the international community to stop being silent in face of the mullahs’ crimes. They should stop this appeasement policy. They should say no to the hostage-taking policy. We must take them to court. The appeasement policy is also causing obstacles for the Iranian Resistance, which is truly the alternative to the mullahs’ rule. 

The mullahs cracking down on the Resistance is unacceptable. I invite all European and American politicians to stop this hypocrisy. We should stand and support Madam Rajavi.   

Hannaneh Abd Al Latif, Human Rights Activist from Iraq

Hannaneh Abd Al Latif, Human Rights Activist from Iraq
Hannaneh Abd Al Latif, Human Rights Activist from Iraq

We are here nine months into the latest uprising in Iran. The MEK has been in a glorious struggle for four decades. We suffer from the same regime in our country Iraq. The entire situation could destroy the society. They are spreading drugs inside Iraq. They are carrying out assassination attempts against anyone who resists Iran’s occupation of Iraq. 

This is why supporting the NCRI and Maryam Rajavi is a must for every Arab nation. We must be unified with the Iranian opposition. We need to work together to bring down the mullahs’ regime. 

Atef Makhalif, Former Member of the Parliament from Egypt

Atef Makhalif, Former Member of the Parliament from Egypt
Atef Makhalif, Former Member of the Parliament from Egypt

Freedom is not a goal, it is life. Without freedom there is no life. The demand of the conference is no to the mullahs’ regime and the Shah regime. It’s impossible for a group that represents the Shah and are sitting in their comfortable homes to take over the regime. But what about the Resistance movement that has been fighting for such a long time, which is led by President Maryam Rajavi? 

To all the peoples of the world, let your leaders know, the economic and military superpowers, let them know that we share the same values, we are created by the same God. No to discrimination between peoples. This policy of no war, no peace, must stop. 

Amin Salameh Salem, Former Member of the Parliament from Egypt

Amin Salameh Salem, Former Member of the Parliament from Egypt
Amin Salameh Salem, Former Member of the Parliament from Egypt

We share the same human values. Every man needs others to build their country and world.

Mrs. Rajavi, be ready, tomorrow is coming soon. Freedom, peace, and justice will prevail. Extremism will go away. The Iranian regime and its interventions in Arab countries is illegal.

We have been suffering. The Ten-Point Plan will lead everyone to a brighter future. I call on all peoples to support the Ten-Point Plan. No to war, freedom to Iran.

Anwar Malik, Lawyer and Author, President of the Human Rights Watch of Algeria

Anwar Malik, Lawyer and Author, President of the Human Rights Watch of Algeria
Anwar Malik, Lawyer and Author, President of the Human Rights Watch of Algeria

We have been suffering from the meddling of the Iranian regime in our countries. In you, I see all the elements of struggle for freedom. This movement has stood against the worst fascist regime. This is the chance for the Iranian people to speak up to the world. We hear of the oppression of the Iranian people. The Iranian society is on the verge of explosion. The roots of the new uprising go back to forty years of resisting against the regime with more than 120,000 political prisoners killed by the regime. Women play a key role in the struggle against this regime that is willing to commit all kinds of crimes to stay in power. The regime will try all means to stay in power and to distort the image of the Iranian opposition. They are trying to show that there is no alternative. This is another tactic they are using.

Mrs. Rajavi is playing an important role in the struggle against fascism in Iran. This regime has committed crimes in the countries of the region. It is expanding terrorism as far as North Africa. This makes it an imperative to face this regime and support the opposition led by Maryam Rajavi. This is the perfect alternative to the regime.

Appeasing the mullahs’ regime will not stop their terrorism. We ask every country to expel the ambassadors of the Iranian regime and to replace them with the representatives of the Iranian opposition. Cut ties with the regime and bring their leaders to justice for the crimes they have committed.

Ahmad al-Hawas, Author from Syria  

Ahmad al-Hawas, Author from Syria  
Ahmad al-Hawas, Author from Syria  

We have two options: to support the Iranian uprising and help the entire region, or to let down the people and allow chaos to spread across the region. No country will remain intact. Every country will be targeted. After nine months of uprising, the international media blackout on what is happening in Iran has forced western politicians to recognize what is happening in Iran and acknowledge that change is coming.

The Iraqi people, the Lebanese people, Yemeni people, all should unite and support the Iranian opposition led by Madam Maryam Rajavi. The downfall of the mullahs’ regime is the victory of Iraq, the Syrian revolution, and Yemen.

More than 70% of Syria has been destroyed, but the people still believe the revolution will prevail. The Syrian regime would not stand without the support of the Iranian regime. The international community turned a blind eye on all the crimes committed by the Syrian regime. The only way to face the Iranian regime is to support the Iranian opposition.

Anise Neghrasi, from Morocco

Anise Neghrasi, from Morocco
Anise Neghrasi, from Morocco

I want to thank all the people and countries who stand with the Iranian resistance, with the Iranian people, and with Maryam Rajavi.

Gianna Gancia, Italian MEP

Gianna Gancia, Italian MEP
Gianna Gancia, Italian MEP

Thank you, Mrs. Rajavi for your fight. I’ve been familiar with the Iranian Resistance for 10 years. I’m aware of the pain inflicted by the Iranian regime on MEK members. The MEK is resolute in bringing freedom and democracy to the people of Iran. That’s what you want for the people of Iran. We must stand for rights wherever they are. These rights are clearly acknowledged in international and European conventions. We must protect political refugees.

The regime seeks to suppress dissidents beyond its borders. We in Europe must not allow this. It would be an insult to our values.

I would like to express my support for Madam Rajavi and her Ten-Point Plan. We will continue to support her until Iran is liberated and becomes a respected member of the international community under her leadership.

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