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US Ambassador Marc Ginsberg Speech to the New York Rally in Support of Uprisings for a Democratic Republic in Iran

US Ambassador Marc Ginsberg
US Ambassador Marc Ginsberg

During a great rally held in New York on September 19, 2023, US Ambassador Marc Ginsberg delivered a speech. The rally was held outside the UN in support of uprisings for a democratic republic in Iran and in condemnation of the Iranian regime and its president, Ebrahim Raisi, during the session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The text of Ambassador Marc Ginsberg’s speech follows:

I hear a lot of voices over here, but there’s only one thing we need to say: RAISI, go home! Raisi, go home, go home, Raisi, go home!

My friends, my friends, you are here to support a democratic Iran, let us take into account the record of this so-called president who dares to come to the United Nations today. Ebrahim Raisi, the man whose radical fanaticism led to the murder of that beautiful woman, Mahsa Amini.

The man who ordered the murder of thousands of imprisoned Iranians seeking freedom from the oppression of the Ayatollahs. Yet despite the oppression, the march to freedom goes on inside Iran, and the revolution continues. Raisi, go home, Raisi, go home!

The man who is going to use $6 billion to strengthen Iran’s internal Gestapo, to pay off Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, to make a hefty deposit into the account of the Ayatollah Khamenei. This is the man who comes to the United Nations, and what do we say to him? RAISI, go home, RAISI, go home.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must not forget that the tyrant who is at the United Nations today is rebuilding Iran’s nuclear weapons, is providing arms and weapons to kill the innocent people of Ukraine, who threatens the destruction of Israel, and supports terrorism by Hezbollah and Hamas, who orders attacks on America’s allies, who sends drones to Ukraine to support Putin’s war of aggression, who authorizes cyber-attacks.

Make no doubt about it, RAISI is here to further the work of the Ayatollah and the killers of Iran, and what do we say to him? RAISI, go home! RAISI, go home!

Those who are here, we will have the final say about the fate of the Ayatollahs and not him. We will decide the destiny of the Ayatollahs, not him.

As the UN General Assembly convenes and Raisi smiles his way around the corridors of the UN, let us not forget, that it is nations like that are run by Ayatollahs that tear up the UN Charter every day. They destroy the universal freedoms that the UN Charter promises. It is nations like Iran that are besmirching and ruining the United Nations’ reputation.

It is a regime that would rather murder, imprison, and rape the women of Iran than to give them the freedom that they deserve. What do we say to Raisi? Raisi, go home, Raisi, go home!

I have a hope. I have a hope that together with all the people who are demonstrating today, we will see regime change. The revolution has started. I can see Madam Rajavi in New York. I can see her addressing the United Nations. I can see her leading the freedom and instead of Raisi, there’d be Madam Rajavi addressing the United Nations, a leader who excites the women of the world, embraces democratic values, and has the support of a new generation of Iranians.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to make sure the people of Iran know what we want. What do we want? No, what do we want? Freedom. What do we want? Freedom. And what we want is Raisi: You go home! Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.

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