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Global Rallies by Freedom-Loving Iranians on the Anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Anti-Monarchical Revolution

Global Rallies by Freedom-Loving Iranians on the Anniversary of Iran's 1979 Anti-Monarchical Revolution

February 10, 2024: Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) gathered in various cities around the world, including Berlin, Germany; Vancouver, Canada; Bern, Switzerland; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Paris, France; London, England; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Rome, Italy; Vienna, Austria; and Luxemburg.

They organized rallies and exhibitions to commemorate the anniversary of the anti-monarchical revolution. Supporters of the Iranian resistance pledged to fight to the end to overthrow the mullahs’ regime.

They chanted slogans against the Iranian regime and in support of the democratic alternative to Iran and the resistance leaders Massoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi.
“The enemies of the Iranian people are the Shah(monarchy) and the Sheikh(mullahs’ regime).”
“Death to the tyrant, whether the Shah or Supreme Leader.”
“Death to Khamenei, Damned be Khomeini”
“Iranians are awake; they hate Sheikh(mullahs’ regime) and Shah(monarchy).”
“Neither the Shah nor the turban, the mullahs’ regime, has come to an end.”
“Let the people of the world know that Massoud Rajavi is our leader.”
“Freedom and Democracy with Maryam Rajavi”.
“Hail to Rajavi, death to Khamenei and Raisi
“We fight, we die, we take back Iran.”

Global Rallies in Berlin, Vancouver, Bern, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Rome, Vienna, and Luxemburg:

Berlin, Germany—February 10, 2024:

Vancouver, Canada—February 10, 2024:

Bern, Switzerland—February 10, 2024:

Paris, France—February 10, 2024:

London, England—February 10, 2024:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands—February 10, 2024:

Stockholm, Sweden—February 10, 2024:

Oslo, Norway—February 10, 2024:

Rome, Italy—February 10, 2024:

Vienna, Austria—February 10, 2024:

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Global Rallies by Freedom-Loving Iranians on the Anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Anti-Monarchical Revolution