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Meeting in Support of the Iranian Resistance: Italy, City of Costigliole delle Saluzzo in the Piedmont Region

Meeting in Support of the Iranian Resistance: Italy, City of Costigliole delle Saluzzo in the Piedmont Region

Italy, January 2024: A meeting in support of the Iranian people’s resistance for freedom and a democratic republic was held in the City Hall of Costigliole delle Saluzzo in the Piedmont region, in collaboration with the Municipality of Busca from the Cuneo governorate.

In this gathering, mayors and officials from the mentioned cities delivered speeches, expressing their support for the people’s struggle and resistance in Iran.

Fabrizio Nazi, Mayor of Costigliole delle Saluzzo:
Initially, Fabrizio Nazi, the mayor of Costigliole delle Saluzzo, recalled the actions of the fascist dictatorship in Italy, stating: “In Italy, we had a fascist dictatorship that led to the killing of thousands of innocent people. In this very city, the fascist government once dragged ten innocent individuals out of the church in one day, and all were killed in retaliation for the actions of partisans.” He continued by expressing the city’s solidarity with various resistance movements, including the resistance in Iran.

Marco Gallo, Mayor of Busca:
Mayor Marco Gallo mentioned the unfortunate existence of a religious dictatorship in Iran that tramples upon the rights of the people. Considering the regional situation and ongoing events, he stated, “Tonight, we have organized this program to declare our support for the resistance of the Iranian people and to become aware of the perspectives of the Iranian resistance.”

Paola Anghilante, Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Busca:
Following that, Ms. Paola Anghilante, the senior advisor to the mayor of Busca, highlighted the current resistance in Iran led by women. She drew parallels between the leadership of women in the resistance against fascism during the partisan wars in Italy. She expressed her support for the Iranian women’s resistance in both a recent program and the current session.

Ughatta Biancotto, Head of the National Association of Partisans in Cuneo:
Later, Ms. Ughatta Biancotto, the head of the National Association of Partisans in Cuneo, provided insights into the history of Cuneo’s support, including sisterhood with Ashraf city and a delegation’s visit from Coni to Ashraf city in Iraq in 2016. She also recited a poem in Italian about Ashraf.

Continuing, Ms. Nadia Martini, senior advisor to the mayor of Cherasco, spoke about her participation in programs in Coni and later in Paris, where many global leaders and personalities attended. She emphasized the influential personality of Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian Resistance.

Dr. Khosro Nikzat:
At the end of the session, Dr. Khosro Nikzat explained the destructive role of deceptive opposition groups and puppet organizations in promoting regression and colonialism. He detailed the history and positions of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its struggles during the 40 years of the clerical regime’s rule.
Dr. Nikzat then discussed the regime’s destabilizing role in the Middle East as the chief warmonger in the region, orchestrating proxy wars under the direct orders of Khamenei to divert public attention from its imminent downfall.

Dr. Nikzat concluded by stating that the Iranian Resistance advocates for peace and a dual-country solution. He urged the officials to officially recognize the right of the Iranian people to self-defense against the dictatorship by signing and endorsing the Charter of the United Nations for the defense of the Iranian people. The gathering concluded with the reading of a 10-point plan by Maryam Rajavi.

During the program, a musical group showcased their talents by performing songs in both Persian and Italian, such as “Maryam,” “Bella Ciao,” and a song promoting peace and freedom in the Italian language.

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