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Maryam Rajavi: True message of Islam is the peace and freedom

Maryam Rajavi

May 19, 2018 – In an Iftar conference held in France titled “Islam’s Message of Peace and Freedom,” the Iranian Resistance and representative from different Muslim communities and Arab countries expressed solidarity with the Iranian Resistance, and support for regime change in Iran and the end of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East and across the world.

In her keynote address to the conference, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), reminded that in Iran, the first day of Ramadan was marked with the Iranian regime’s violent clampdown on protests in Kazerun, which has so far left three dead, dozens injured, and many more arrested, and reiterated her call for the United Nations to dispatch an investigative delegation and demand the immediate release of the arrested.

For my compatriots in Iran, especially the freedom-loving youths who have risen up in protest, I wish you victory in overcoming the mullahs’ religious tyranny,” Mrs. Rajavi said. “May God’s mercy and compassion lead the Iranian people’s struggle and suffering to final victory: freedom.”

Mrs. Rajavi reminded that the true message of Islam is the peace and freedom, the mullahs ruling Iran have used religion as a tool to push the people’s lives into distress. “Iran’s needy have reached the point where they have to sell their kidneys and corneas. Mothers have become so devastated that they sell their unborn fetuses,” she said, adding that the mullahs are “the worst enemies of God and His people.”

The Iranian regime has plundered the wealth of the Iranian people to fuel its wars in other countries such as Syria and Iraq, Mrs. Rajavi said, stressing that “The overthrow of the mullahs’ regime will shape the destiny of Iran and the entire Middle East.”

The conference took place at a time where the international community is seeking a response to the various threats posed by the Iranian regime. Recently, the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal forged between Iran and world powers because it failed to address the main concerns that the world is faced with in respect to the Iranian regime.

“[The] elimination of the Iranian regime’s terrorism and nuclear threat is only possible by getting rid of the entire regime,” Mrs. Rajavi said. “Peace, democracy, security and stability in the Middle East necessarily depend on ending the rule of religious dictatorship and fascism in Iran.”

Former Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali, who also spoke at the event, stressed that the Iranian regime is helping slaughter the people of Syria. He also said that the Iranian resistance is the exact opposite of the mullahs’ regime in every respect and called all advocates of liberty to “support the Iranian Resistance.” “They are the true defenders of the message of an Islam of peace and liberty,” he said.

Maryam Rajavi
Former Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali

Prominent members of the Syrian opposition also attended the conference and stressed that the fate and freedom of the Iranian and Syrian people are tied together.

Mohamad Nazir Hakim, Secretary General of Syrian Coalition, also spoke about the role of the Iranian regime in plunging Syria in devastation and chaos. “Iran’s regime uses its nation’s wealth to slaughter our people,” Hakim said. “But Syria’s dictator will not remain forever. We know that victory is going to arrive soon.”

Hakim also called on the Western states not to close their eyes on the crimes of the Iranian regime in his country and called on the international community to take an active role in expelling the Iranian regime’s militias from Syria.

Hakim also praised the Iranian people for standing up against the oppression of the Iranian regime and called for the support of the Iranian Resistance. “The NCRI is the true alternative of the mullahs’ regime,” he said.

Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI

Maryam Rajavi

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Maryam Rajavi: True message of Islam is the peace and freedom