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Sen. Robert Menendez supports MEK’s annual Free Iran rally at Ashraf 3

Sen. Robert Menendez supports MEK’s annual Free Iran rally at Ashraf 3

On Saturday 13 july 2019, a large crowd gathered in Ashraf 3, Albania, home to Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), to hold the annual Free Iran rally of the Iranian resistance. The event was the fourth installment in a series of events held at Ashraf 3. Sen. Robert Menendez sent message to this gathering.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Ranking Member, Foreign Relations Committee, I am pleased to see that you are safely settled in Albania and that you are able to host this gathering. Thank you for continuing to highlight the plight of Iranians who remain silent under an oppressive, brutal regime.

I share your vision for a better future for Iran and all Iranians. A future in which all Iranians live without fear and enjoy a government that represents the will of its citizens, respects human rights, abides by the rule of law and lives in peace and cooperation with its neighbors.

Sen. Robert Menendez added: Unfortunately, across the Middle East, Iran continues to threaten the national security and interests of the United States. It continues to pursue a belligerent, ballistic missile program… Yet even as its leaders continue to supply terrorists across the region with money, weapons and resources, the people of Iran suffer under a repressive regime with absolutely no respect for basic human rights and no economic investment in their welfare… Thank you for coming together and making your voices heard. I will always support justice and human rights, peace and security and above all else, the rights of all Iranians to fundamental freedoms.

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