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Iran’s Crisis Management Organization, a lame duck in natural disasters

Iran’s Crisis Management Organization, a lame duck in natural disasters

By Mahdavi

While floods have swept all over Iran. It is only the popular aid and assistance that comes to the rescue, not a governmental officials or organs.

The Crisis Management Organization which is founded for such occasions is just a lame duck. Even if it was a popular organ and not at service of the mullahs regime, its insufficient budget was still the subject of regime’s officials embezzlement  as it is now.

While Iran is a country apt to cataclysmic events – such as Bam and Kermanshah’s earthquakes over the past years, and the deadly floods which took many lives in Shiraz and the northern parts of the country in the most recent days- it is surprising that the allocated budget for Iran’s Crisis Management Organization, comparing with those of the regime’s affiliated organizations, especially the religious ones, is so negligible.  

According to the New Iranian Year of 1398 budget plan (March 2019- March 2020), the allocated budget to Iran’s Crisis Management Organization is 12.75 billion Tomans, while the Supreme Council of the Seminaries’ budget is 306.3 billion tomans, the Friday Prayer Imam’s Policy-Making Council budget is 20 billion Tomans, and Qom Seminary’s Office of Publicity has a budget of 150 billion Tomans.

The budget of the Ahl al-Bayt Global Assembly is 33 billion tomans and the Al-Mustafa University, another religious institute, will receive 201 billion tomans from the new year’s budget.

Even the Headquarters of Rahian-e Noor (“The passengers of light”‎), an organization tasked to set up caravans for visiting Iran- Iraq’s war zones, receives 25 billion tomans, which is two times the Iran’s Crisis Management Organization’s budget.

While Iran is facing economic crisis, the share of the new year’s budget, for religious institutions has increased up to 98%. According to the Iran regime’s laws, the share of Iran’s Crisis Management Organization of the total budget is only 5%, and during the past years, the allocated budget to the regime’s affiliated institutions especially the religious ones has always been several-fold of Iran’s Crisis Management Organization budget.

Therefore, even if Iran’s Crisis Management Organization had the tendency to fulfill its mission, its budget would be insufficient. Iran’s Crisis Management Organization is a periphery institute in this regime, and in times of crises in the country, just like the case of current flash floods, no one can rely on it to resolve the crises.

The solution

Looking at the torment and suffering of the desperate people during the days of Nowruz, we can see that the main cause of corruption, looting and systematic plundering is the government itself, which is squandering the country’s wealth on suppressing the people or for censorship and advertising the reactionary ideology and the Revolutionary Guards. They have destroyed the lives of the people and driven the beautiful nature of Iran to the brink of extermination. We can also see that the jurisprudential system has no solutions for the problems other than suppression and does not have the intention to resolve any of the difficulties. When any social harm or environmental problem is announced, it directly leads to the rule of religious fascism, which is determined to sacrifice the Iranian nation to preserve its own power, and the rule of this dictatorship.

Experience from the past year showed that the basic solution for solving all the environmental, social and political crises in this area is the overthrow of the corrupt regime of Iran, which has taken its toll on the beautiful Iranian nation and its proud people.

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